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Meet the Florida State Attorney Who Vindictively Wants to Send Marissa Alexander to Jail for 60 Years

Angela Corey is making sure this domestic violence victim will suffer as much as possible.

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When it comes to Marissa Alexander, Bierria said Corey is ignoring both racial bias and stigmas toward domestic violence victims.

“There are all these questions about whether or not Stand Your Ground applies to battered women,” Bierria said. “Are women allowed to stand their ground when they’re in their own homes? Why is it that we always put the burden on battered women to leave? Why is it that batterers are not given the burden to leave the home? And why do we assume that if a battered women leaves the home, that she will then be safe? That is an irrational assumption. If you understand anything about domestic violence, you know domestic violence doesn’t magically end once you leave the boundaries of your house.”

The Future for Corey, Alexander, and Domestic Violence Victims

With a mediocre record and mounting criticism, it seems as if Angela Corey believes that in order to save her career she must prove that she’s capable of successfully prosecuting a case — with Alexander offering her a public opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile for Alexander, in order to save her life and her family, she needed Corey to drop this case. Now, she will hope to receive a not-guilty verdict come July.

Bierria stressed that this case has much larger implications than simply Alexander’s future.

“We really want Marissa Alexander to be free because it’s her and her family’s life at stake. That’s first and foremost,” she said. “But it’s so much bigger than that. We care about Marissa’s life, but if she is found guilty for 60 years, that is an enormous statement about the right of women to defend themselves. And if she ends up getting 60 years, I just don’t know what to say to people who are in abusive relationships today.”

Alyssa Figueroa is an associate editor at AlterNet. 

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