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Meet the Florida State Attorney Who Vindictively Wants to Send Marissa Alexander to Jail for 60 Years

Angela Corey is making sure this domestic violence victim will suffer as much as possible.

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Corey, however, insists that Alexander did not fear for her life when she fired her gun.

“When you listen to the 911 tape, when you talk to the children and look in their eyes like I did, you understand what happened in this case,” Corey said in an interview with Let’s Talk About It! “And then you know that, yes, justice was done. Because she did choose that dangerous path as opposed to letting them leave, calling the police. She shot out of anger not fear.”

Corey has maintained that Alexander was not justified in citing the Stand Your Ground law, which was also rejected by the circuit judge. She also cites the 911 tapes in which Gray said Alexander aimed the gun at him and his children. Gray also said on his erratic call that he and his children were running when Alexander was shooting. He added that he was “so pissed.” He did not mention that he was afraid or begging for his life — the story he began telling months after his initial deposition. Both Gray's and his children’s testimonies have been inconsistent.

While Gray can’t seem to keep his story straight, Corey continues to make stark conclusions. She said that Alexander influenced Gray when writing his initial testimony.

“She begged him not to do anything that would put her in prison,” Corey said. “But he’s the only victim in this case. I have two children that are victims, sir. What about the two children? … What message are you sending to those two children who had no choice about being in that room with her?”

Asked to comment on Gray’s history of abuse and the abuse of Alexander that day, she said: “Not all of that is relevant. His reputation for violence is relevant. But again, we have rules of evidence that limit the way that evidence can come in. … Are you saying that drug dealers can be murdered and because they have no credibility, we don’t prosecute the people who murder them?”

The problem with that analogy, as noted on Let’s Talk About It!, is that Alexander didn’t murder or injure anyone.

Corey, however, said this was a fortunate outcome of the situation.

“You’re saying, that because the bullet, which she didn’t know which way it would have ricocheted, because it happened to ricochet up into the ceiling instead of down into one of the two children she fired the gun at, that she should somehow be excused from her action of pulling the trigger?” she asked the host.

In November 2013, two months after she won her appeal, Alexander was released on bond. Shortly after her release, she got in an altercation with Gray, which Corey is also using in her defense. This altercation remains one of most perplexing parts of the story, as reports don’t seem to add up.

“What do you think of a woman who claims she is so afraid of him that she had to fire the gun at him, and then despite a judge’s order, while she’s out on bond for these charges, goes back over there and hits him, gives him a black eye and goes to jail for it?” Corey said.

Alexander’s lawyer explained that Alexander needed to get a health certificate signed in order for their daughter to keep her health insurance. She emailed Gray to sign it, but he said to come over. She went, with two others, and there he attacked her again, and she went to the hospital. An Alexander supporter said Alexander wasn’t able to hit Gray and suggested he gave himself a black eye, as he has hurt himself prior to calling the police in the past.

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