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Gun Violence Must End, But Not By Throwing People Into The Mental Health System

Reflections on Obama’s gun control strategy from a "survivor" of the mental health system.

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In forty years’ time, today’s psychiatrically labeled children will be dying twenty-five years early because of long-term psychotropic drug use.  Disability rates due to “mental illness”, which have already skyrocketed in both under-18 and over-18 populations, will be at exponentially high and entirely unsustainable levels.  I hope it doesn’t take this avoidable, completely self-inflicted mass catastrophe for us to acknowledge the grave harm being inflicted upon our brothers, sisters, and children deemed “abnormal” and thus unworthy of full citizenship and amendment rights.  With American society’s readiness to embrace these proposed governmental measures to grow the “mental health” industry, one can only imagine that the pharmaceutical empire will become an even mightier beast than it already is, holding the government, the media, the education system, and the health care industry under its thumb, spellbound by the false belief that “mental illness” is a biochemical condition requiring psychotropic drugs [for more on this, see Psychiatry’s Grand Confession].

There are many of us who’ve come out the other side of long-term psychiatric “treatment” and lived to tell the tale, and our stories contain more science than any Pharma-funded research trial, academic journal article, or television ad.  We are not Scientologists, we are not conspiracy theorists, and we are not quacks.  We are the evidence, and we speak the Truth because we’ve been through it ourselves.  Please listen.

Laura Delano is a psychiatric survivor and blogger who writes about human rights, psychiatric oppression, and her thirteen-year journey into and out of the mental health system at

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