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George Zimmerman Is 'a Sandy Hook Waiting to Happen,' Says Police Chief

Chief Steve Bracknell's warns Zimmerman is a 'Ticking time bomb' in emails made public.

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Her backtracking left detectives relying on the iPad, which Hudson said was "in really bad shape."

"At this point, we do not have the tools available to effectively look at the video. As it stands right now, there will not be any charges anytime soon without that iPad," he said.

Bracknell described Monday's incident as "a very unusual occurrence" but denied there was any conspiracy or cover-up into why Zimmerman was released without charge after only a brief period "in investigative custody".

"The 911 tapes needs [sic] to be supported by physical evidence of the alleged physical violence. Since Shellie and her father refused to prosecute, we were powerless to arrest anyone," he wrote.

"Remember, we were the agency that wrote him a $256.00 [speeding] citation last week! No freebies here in Lake Mary."

Richard Luscombe is a freelance correspondent based in Miami, Florida, and covers news and sports stories from the US for a variety of international newspapers, including The Guardian and The Observer

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