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Cop Shoots Drunk Man to Death After Forcing Him to Drive a Car [Video]

50 cameras captured the scene but the cop wasn't punished. Now the victim's family is suing.

Photo Credit: Screen Shot / WBRZ News 2

More than 50 cameras caught Christopher Magee, a police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brutally shooting a black man named Carlos Harris to death in the parking lot of a night club three years ago.  Now, Harris’s family is suing the police for negligence and wrongful death, which could cost Baton Rouge taxpayers up to 2 million dollars, according to reports.

The shooting occurred after Magee  reportedly responded to a call regarding reckless driving in the parking lot of Club Insomnia. Magee arrested the responsible driver-- Harris’ friend Ryan Dominique-- when he arrived on the scene. Then, Magee  told Harris to move Dominique’s car. According to a witness who spoke with the local news station WBRZ News 2, Harris told the officer he was drunk and would rather not move the vehicle, but the officer forced him to go through with it.

Video footage shows Harris bumping several other vehicles in the parking lot in his attempt to move the car. As Harris drives the car forward away from Magee, the officer opens fire from behind, killing him. Harris was unarmed and other officers on the scene can be heard warning Magee not to shoot.  

“Don’t draw… too many people," one officer can be heard shouting.  

Magee was not charged or in any way penalized for shooting Harris. According to WBRZ he was cleared of all wrongdoing, did not have to attend any additional training and is still with the Baton Rouge Police Department. The BRPD police chief would not comment on the story to WBRZ because the case was pending litigation. 

Watch the WBRZ report below:

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