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"Cappers": The Horrifying Creeps Who Trick Underage Girls to Strip Online

Bullying from "cappers" pushed the teen to suicide. She's not the only young woman being pursued by Web creeps.

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Brad Russ, director of the National Criminal Justice Training Center, says that in these cases “the language used becomes really important.” He explains, “If they’re saying, ‘Do this for me for sexual gratification,’ it’s a lot different than ‘You’re a very beautiful girl, and I’d like to see what you look like,’” he says. “People will argue, ‘Well, I was into photography, and I didn’t know she was underage, and I didn’t coerce her.’ We would certainly try to prosecute those cases, but there are many shades of grey in that situation.”

Indeed. The message board thread I reported is still live, days after reporting it — and it very well may never be taken down.


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