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GOPer Confesses: Republicans Have Gone 'Nuts' With Religious Fundamentalism

After nearly three decades on Capitol Hill, Mike Lofgren quit last year after the Tea Party caucus pushed his party to new extremes.

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How do they square that with their religiosity?

ML: Again, it’s an example of Orwellian double-think. I saw that debate. That was the same one where they were cheering when Rick Perry was bragging about how many executions occurred during his administration in Texas. Of course they booed in another venue when a call-in question from a soldier in Iraq happened to be gay. I noticed that not one Republican candidate on the stage said those folks ought to be ashamed of themselves. Whatever they think of this person, he served his country and that should be respected.

JH: Right, that was another very telling moment.

There’s been a bunch of polling out in recent months showing that there’s a growing generational gap here. Younger Christian evangelicals are in fact leaving the church. They say that they identity the church mostly with homophobia. Another recent poll shows that they’re tiring of the culture wars as well. Do you think we’re going to see the GOP move away from the religious right as we see another generation emerge?

ML: I don’t know about the GOP, but I do see some hope with the millennial generation. They seem much more practical, and they’re not hung up on the culture wars one way or another -- as the baby boomers are. As that generation slides into senescence, maybe there will be some hope for this country. 

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