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Right-Wing Religions of the World Unite to Oppress Women and Gays More Ruthlessly

Religions that were once infamous for their mutual hatred are joining forces in a bid to preserve their shrinking spheres of privilege.

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The United States is far behind the rest of the Western world when it comes to secularization, but here, too, there are rumblings of change on the horizon. Every poll over the last 10 or 20 years shows that the numbers of the nonreligious are rising, especially among the young, far surpassing the growth of any religious group. The "tall steeple" Protestant churches, once the backbone of American religious life, are in a demographic plummet, and even the Catholic church, America's single largest denomination, is in decline. As many as one in 10 Americans are now ex-Catholics, and even Hispanic immigrants, who are often stereotyped as deeply religious, tend to secularize after a generation or two.

With religion thus in decline in the world's wealthiest countries, and society becoming less and less willing to accept faith as an excuse for discrimination or unjust treatment, we're seeing churches that were once infamous for their mutual hatred teaming up in a bid to preserve their shrinking spheres of privilege. It's unlikely that they can hold back the tide of social progress forever, or that this is anything other than a rearguard action in an increasingly progressive world. But it's important for us to recognize that just because something is "interfaith" doesn't make its goals morally laudable. On the contrary, it all too often means the opposite.

Adam Lee is a writer and atheist activist living in New York City. Follow him on Twitter, or subscribe to his blog, Daylight Atheism.

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