Stories by Zach Carter

Zach Carter is AlterNet's economics editor. He is a fellow at Campaign for America's Future, writes a weekly blog on the economy for the Media Consortium and is a frequent contributor to The Nation magazine. subscribe to Zach Carter's feed

Posted on: Jul 19, 2009, Source: AlterNet

Even after causing millions of foreclosures and the worst recession since the 1930s, the bank lobby is still trying to screw us.

Posted on: Jul 1, 2009, Source: AlterNet

The CoC is the world's most powerful lobbying machine and it's working to make sure our money gets funneled to corporate execs.

Posted on: Jun 11, 2009, Source: YES! Magazine

As Americans pick up the economy's pieces, a few bankers are re-thinking the system.

Posted on: Apr 8, 2009, Source: AlterNet

Big Finance has persuaded Congress to allow banks to magically erase big losses on absurd mortgages with the stroke of a pen.