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Posted on: Feb 4, 2009, Source: Shakesville

While the corporate media focus on Michael Phelps, a look at some other crimes committed by sports players.

Posted on: Sep 26, 2008, Source: Shakesville

This is obviously satire. Sadly, the same can't be said for the video at the end of the post.

Posted on: Jun 6, 2008, Source: Shakesville

The Bush Administration sees a crisis, and meets it with new slogans.

Posted on: Mar 20, 2008, Source: Shakesville

Bush and Cheney were in the White House when thousands died in their wars and the economy tanked thanks to their policies.

Posted on: Mar 10, 2008, Source: Shakesville

Hey, kids, gather around! The Vatican has come up with some more stuff we can't do!

Posted on: Mar 5, 2008, Source: Shakesville

John McCain has thoroughly seduced the media, and the media will dutifully report his agenda. And no "Saturday Night Live" skit will change that.

Posted on: Feb 20, 2008, Source: Shakesville

It's time for racists to stop being cowed by political correctness and openly embrace their racism

Posted on: Feb 7, 2008, Source: Shakesville

Trust me, an hour of Chomsky would be more entertaining - and informative and honest - than a lifetime's worth of the likes of Beck.

Posted on: Feb 4, 2008, Source: Shakesville

Let's see, everyone knows the U.S. government is spying on its people, but Specter is more concerned about NFL coaches spying on each other.

Posted on: Jan 22, 2008, Source: Shakesville

Yes, in just four months since FBN came on the air, the Dow Jones has lost 2,000 points.

Posted on: Jan 21, 2008, Source: Shakesville

The pronouncement comes as a shock to many, as most believed that Norris supports Huckabee due to the fact that both are religious fanatics.

Posted on: Jan 4, 2008, Source: Shakesville

Huckabee's a force. And all they have to stop him with is McCain. Because a Huckabee nomination? Well, you ain't seen Kooky yet.

Posted on: Sep 26, 2007, Source: AlterNet

Wolfrum: "Being that Habeas Corpus is essentially meaningless in the U.S., so is the Magna Carta, really," said a potential buyer.

Posted on: Sep 14, 2007, Source: AlterNet

Wolfrum: Thanks to a new O.J. scandal, the neocons could nuke Iran right out of existence, and it's possible no one will even notice.

Posted on: Sep 6, 2007, Source: AlterNet

Wolfrum: Mayor Goodman says of Bob Herbert, "I have no use for him. I'll take a baseball bat and break his head if he ever comes here."