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Tony O'Neill is the author of several novels, including Digging the Vein, Down and Out on Murder Mile and Sick City. He is the co-author of Hero of the Underground (with Jason Peter) and Neon Angel (with Cherie Currie). subscribe to Tony O'Neill's feed

Posted on: Jan 21, 2015, Source:

He strives to strike a moderate tone, but where is he really coming from?

Posted on: Dec 18, 2014, Source:

Whether trivial or tragic, the travails of the famous have much to teach us about the harms of drug prohibition and media-driven stigma.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2014, Source: The Fix

The hysteria over drugs like Spice, bath salts and kratom is drowning out the facts.

Posted on: Oct 30, 2014, Source:

Smoking some "Frankenstein," or "Jack the Ripper" might put you in the mood for some slashers and schlockfests.

Posted on: Sep 23, 2014, Source:

Some people who were looking to score actually mistook such items as soap, oatmeal as hard drugs.

Posted on: Aug 26, 2014, Source:

These druggy depictions—rated for realism—will stay with you forever.

Posted on: Aug 15, 2014, Source:

Whether you view them as recreational, medicinal or sacred, 'shrooms are embedded in human culture.

Posted on: Aug 1, 2014, Source:

Workplace drug testing is unjust and ruins lives.

Posted on: May 30, 2014, Source:

10 current and former users recall their voyages into the unknown.

Posted on: May 2, 2014, Source:

Few drug experiences come as hyped as dropping your very first pill.

Posted on: Apr 18, 2014, Source:

Amid the carnage, he talks books, movies and why you need to do drugs to write about them.

Posted on: Apr 4, 2014, Source:

Some are subtle. Others...not so much.

Posted on: Jun 13, 2013, Source: The Fix

The hysteria over drugs like Spice, bath salts and kratom is drowning out the facts.

Posted on: May 4, 2013, Source: The Fix

As an ex-junkie, I know how harmful addiction is.

Posted on: Dec 10, 2012, Source: The Fix

Want some morphine in your cough syrup?

Posted on: Sep 19, 2012, Source: The Fix

Drug docs (much like addiction memoirs) have become a cottage industry in recent years. But the best ones are not to be missed.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2012, Source: The Fix

After the explosion in use comes the demonization. Then the press, despite a total lack of causal evidence, parrots the outlandish accusations.

Posted on: Apr 13, 2012, Source: The Fix

Witness to the everyday bloody cost of policies and politics, author Ioan Grillo explains the drug war from Mexico's perspective.