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Tim Murphy is an editorial intern at Mother Jones. This summer, he's zig-zagging the country with a friend, reporting little fragments of life in America along the way and "making sure everything's still where it should be." For a rundown of all his dispatches, visit his complete MoJo blog, "Road Trip for America's Future." subscribe to Tim  Murphy's feed

Posted on: Dec 5, 2011, Source: Mother Jones Online

Here, in 13 episodes, is much of the baggage you're likely to see aired soon in anti-Gingrich attack ads.

Posted on: Nov 17, 2011, Source: Mother Jones

Anti-abortion activists recruited by Randall Terry plan to saturate major media markets with graphic anti-abortion images.

Posted on: Oct 20, 2011, Source: Mother Jones

Perry has long cultivated ties to evangelical leaders who hold extreme views.

Posted on: Jun 27, 2011, Source: Mother Jones

Over the weekend, Fox News' Chris Wallace asked Michele Bachmann if she was a flake. Below is a compendium of some of her more outlandish remarks. Judge for yourself.