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Posted on: Dec 7, 2010, Source: In These Times

Nationally, soda companies raked in a $4 billion subsidy last year through purchases by the 41 million Americans on food stamps.

Posted on: Nov 2, 2009, Source: In These Times

The pharmaceutical industry wants you to think that if you don't have sex like a porn star, you're in need of their drugs.

Posted on: Feb 22, 2009, Source: In These Times

Any two people should be able to form legal couples that enjoy the rights, benefits and responsibilities now assigned to marriage.

Posted on: Mar 29, 2008, Source: In These Times

Our federal agencies have been crippled by conflicts of interest, cronyism, poor leadership, and dispirited staffs.

Posted on: Jan 4, 2008, Source: In These Times

The United States sends up to 80 percent of its toxic electronic waste to China, all while turning a profit, too.

Posted on: Jan 2, 2008, Source: In These Times

The drug industry spends billion on advertising that tells us health and happiness are commodities, and anything less is a disease.

Posted on: Oct 16, 2007, Source: In These Times

The Environmental Protection Agency does almost nothing to regulate these chemicals.

Posted on: Sep 5, 2007, Source: In These Times

From Bangladesh to New Orleans, environmental pressures have forced millions from their homes but no international treaty recognizes their refugee status.

Posted on: May 21, 2007, Source: In These Times

With over half of America's 1 million active and reserve soldiers enlisted as teens, the military is luring kids as young as 13 using a PR machine that would make Joe Camel proud.

Posted on: Mar 12, 2007, Source: In These Times

Merck wants to make its new HPV vaccine mandatory for young girls, but the immunization's safety and long-term effects are unknown.

Posted on: Jan 16, 2007, Source: In These Times

A sizable portion of the body count in Iraq doesn't come from violence. It comes from a health care system torn apart by the war.

Posted on: Dec 12, 2006, Source: In These Times

How computed tomography (CT) scans are exposing you to 500 times more radiation than a conventional chest x-ray.

Posted on: Sep 7, 2006, Source: In These Times

Bush lied about Iraq's WMDs, his tactics in the 'war on terror' and his domestic spying program. Now he wants us to trust him that it's safe to make weapons out of the world's deadliest diseases.

Posted on: Jul 11, 2006, Source: In These Times

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, nearly half of all Americans believe the Bush administration is covering up its involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Posted on: May 11, 2006, Source: In These Times

Your mobile phone lets companies and the government know where you are, even when you're not making a call.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2000, Source: ZNet

As bad as it is that Bush or Gore has to become President, at least the victor will be perceived by much of the population as illegitimate. That is not only as it should be, but how it would have been, even without the post-election crisis.