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Posted on: Oct 12, 2005, Source: News for Real

If Dems win in the 2006 and 2008 elections, but fail to define what they stand for, the country will be no better off. Here's how Democrats can again become a great party.

Posted on: Oct 6, 2005, Source: News for Real

This President begins every new project with the boyish enthusiasm of Homer Simpson. Take his scheme to let corporations repatriate their profits, for instance.

Posted on: Oct 4, 2005, Source: News for Real

Recessions begin when consumers suddenly discover they can no longer keep pace with their bills. And this one has already begun.

Posted on: Sep 12, 2005, Source: News for Real

Look who's getting off easy in 'rebuilding' the Big Easy: the same companies that have been getting fat off rebuilding Iraq.

Posted on: Sep 3, 2005, Source: News for Real

In Iraq and now in New Orleans, this administration seems to suffer from post-action paralysis, a deadly lack of follow through.

Posted on: Aug 19, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Howard Dean will need help to shore up Washington Democrats' will to fight.

Posted on: Jul 26, 2005, Source: News for Real

The old AFL-CIO guard wasted millions of dollars in union dues trying to buy political friends, instead of actually organizing. If Democrats know what's good for them, they will side with 'New Labor.'

Posted on: Jul 14, 2005, Source: News for Real

Need proof that the U.S. is on the down-slope of the empire bell curve? Take a look at our turkey of a space shuttle and the skyrocketing cost of medical care.

Posted on: Jun 29, 2005, Source: News for Real

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then ex-presidents Johnson and Nixon must be (the only ones) feeling good about Bush's speech on Tuesday.

Posted on: Jun 27, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Virtually all of George W.'s behavior in office can be explained by one single event: being saved. Complexity had driven George to drink. In simplicity he found peace, self-confidence and salvation.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2005, Source: News for Real

Sen. Richard Durbin shouldn't have apologized for comparing the U.S. military to a Nazi regime -- new details of alleged prisoner torture at Guantanamo are pushing us further down the slippery slope.

Posted on: Jun 2, 2005, Source: News for Real

Instead of wasting time on Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, or what's left of it, should be searching right now for inspirational candidates to run for president.

Posted on: May 19, 2005, Source: News for Real

Herbert Hoover may have triggered the Great Depression, but he didn't invade another nation on false pretenses, authorize torture of prisoners, or try to stack the courts.

Posted on: Nov 17, 2004, Source:

Why did the FDA issue a warning about RU-486 but look the other way while thousands died from Vioxx? It has a lot to do with whose campaign benefits from pharmaceutical profits.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Should Democrats become values whores?

Posted on: Aug 6, 2004, Source: News for Real

The U.S. economy added 32,000 workers in July – a far cry from the Bush administration's prediction of over 200,000.

Posted on: Mar 27, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Even as the Bush administration denounces and battles Islamic religious zealotry abroad, fundamental Christian zealotry is taking hold here at home.

Posted on: Feb 11, 2004, Source:

Those closest to George W. Bush -- notably Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld -- learned some valuable lessons from the Nixon presidency.

Posted on: Jan 19, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Eventually American workers will be less and less able to fuel the product-consumption continuum that has been the engine of the American economy for the past 60 years.

Posted on: Oct 6, 2003, Source:

Halliburton's share of Iraq reconstruction contracts is but a slice of a multi-billion dollar pie being divided up among a brotherhood of well connected individuals -- and here they are.