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Posted on: Feb 8, 2010, Source: SPLC Intelligence Report

Researches have found that kids don't necessarily get their prejudice from their parents -- it is the community that fosters tolerance or prejudice.

Posted on: Aug 30, 2009, Source: SPLC's Hate Watch

iTunes has removed songs deemed homophobic, yet allows white supremacists to peddle their hate on their website.

Posted on: Jun 2, 2009, Source: SPLC Intelligence Report

Special Agent Bart McEntire shares his experiences joining hate groups like White Reich and the Alabama Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.

Posted on: Oct 20, 2008, Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

Robert L. Duecaster regularly makes defamatory comments about Catholics, Muslims and undocumented immigrants.

Posted on: Aug 20, 2008, Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

America's largest veterans organization has launched a hard-line attack on undocumented immigrants that's at odds with its mainstream image.