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Shira Tarrant is an associate professor of women’s, gender and sexuality studies at California State University, Long Beach, and the author of several books, including Men and Feminism (Seal Press). She is currently writing The Sex Wars: Pole Dancing, Porn and Other Things That Freak People Out. Read more at subscribe to Shira Tarrant's feed

Posted on: Jan 30, 2014, Source: AlterNet

The people making commercials seem to have confused sexy with sexist. Let 'em know what you think at #NotBuyingIt.

Posted on: Aug 8, 2013, Source: AlterNet

Men who dare to call themselves feminists have taken a lot of heat. Could things be changing?

Posted on: Apr 16, 2012, Source: AlterNet

The real place women are getting spanked is in state legislatures across the country.

Posted on: Apr 17, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Peering into the bedrooms of grownups and judging their private activities is infantilizing. There are stronger strategies for promoting positive sexual agency.

Posted on: Sep 14, 2010, Source: AlterNet

Mobile technology and abstinence-only guarantee that more young people get their sex ed from pornography. It's time to talk to them about what they're watching.

Posted on: Aug 18, 2010, Source: Ms. Blog

Stereotyped fantasies, inequality and exploitation are the norm in commercial pornography. But not all porn is created equal.

Posted on: May 19, 2010, Source: Huffington Post

We need to talk about gender, sexuality, safety, pleasure, earning power, and choice when we discuss sex work.