Stories by Sharon Guynup

Sharon Guynup writes on wildlife and environmental issues for U.S. and international publications. She is co-author of Tigers Forever: Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat. subscribe to Sharon Guynup's feed

Posted on: Mar 3, 2017, Source: AlterNet

A new policy allowing U.S. firms to buy conflict minerals without public disclosure amounts to a death sentence for great apes.

Posted on: Oct 21, 2013, Source: Blue Ridge Press

Get ready for more super droughts, epic floods, and a whiplash of both, depending on where you live.

Posted on: Nov 5, 2012, Source: Blue Ridge Press

The natural gas “gold rush” underway in 31 states is sparking pushback from communities that see themselves as the last line of defense protecting citizens against state and federal failures to regulate fracking.

Posted on: Dec 11, 2011, Source: Environment News Service

Ensuring that Americans have clean water has been an effort with strong bipartisan support for four decades. But not anymore.