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Sadhbh Walshe is a filmmaker and former staff writer for the CBS drama series "The District." Her opinion pieces have been published in the Chicago Tribune and Irish Times. subscribe to Sadhbh Walshe's feed

Posted on: Jan 29, 2015, Source: The Guardian

Alexander has been sentenced to two years of house arrest—a highly flawed system.

Posted on: Aug 7, 2014, Source: The Guardian

Shocking new report out of Rikers must spur reform of this barbaric system.

Posted on: Jun 13, 2014, Source: The Guardian

Too poor to hire a good lawyer, or even make bail? You're out of luck.

Posted on: May 16, 2014, Source: The Guardian

It's about culture, not laws. Try drinking like an Italian.

Posted on: May 8, 2014, Source: The Guardian

Not a peep from the Pope as nuns are censured for not focusing on abortion and gay marriage.

Posted on: Apr 3, 2014, Source: The Guardian

The U.S. operates two justice systems: one for the wealthy and another for the poor.

Posted on: Mar 26, 2014, Source: The Guardian

The criminalization of poor women is out of control.

Posted on: Mar 12, 2014, Source: The Guardian

Conservatives want to make low-income Americans feel bad about babies and diets to cut birth control and food stamps.

Posted on: Jan 29, 2014, Source: The Guardian

His Mexican gardener would have been detained and deported.

Posted on: Jan 22, 2014, Source: The Guardian

Socioeconomic status plays such a definitive role in deciding who gets to have a good time in the bedroom and who doesn't.

Posted on: Jan 8, 2014, Source: The Guardian

The incident has exposed the church's willingness to be flexible on some of its principles, as well as sparked a barrage of protest from the student body.

Posted on: Jan 2, 2014, Source: The Guardian

Bank of America and JP Morgan SEOs are more productive targets of anger than Hollywood blockbuster.

Posted on: Oct 31, 2013, Source: The Guardian

We're subsidizing the wages and benefits of employees of highly profitable fast food chains. It costs the American taxpayer nearly $7 billion per year.

Posted on: Oct 24, 2013, Source: The Guardian

Despite stories like the McDonald's hot coffee suit, Americans don't sue much. Companies just fear the worst.

Posted on: Oct 17, 2013, Source: The Guardian

Oddly, it doesn't seem to be working.

Posted on: Oct 9, 2013, Source: The Guardian

Huge disparities in education between the rich and the poor are at the root of all stupidity.

Posted on: Apr 1, 2012, Source: Comment Is Free

The exploding US prison population has seen huge growth in the number of children with a parent in prison – to terrible effect.