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Filmmaker and journalist Rory O'Connor is the author of "Shock Jocks: Hate Speech and Talk Radio" (AlterNet Books, 2008). O'Connor also writes the Media Is A Plural blog. subscribe to Rory O'Connor's feed

Posted on: Jun 1, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Five out of five heads of prestigious J-schools agree: journalism is in need of a fix.

Posted on: May 23, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The World Media Association convenes this week to critique journalism...good; the host, self-proclaimed messiah Rev Moon, questions the relevance of fact-based reporting...not so good.

Posted on: May 18, 2005, Source: AlterNet

At a recent conference messy with A-list bloggers, a small voice emerged to talk about values, customer service and a new 'way' of doing politics.

Posted on: May 9, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Media reform in the midst of a radical takeover isn't enough but one New York congressman has an idea.

Posted on: May 2, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The new Public Broadcasting boss either has an inappropriate sense of humor or he's the latest participant in what the FCC called a 'right-wing coup' of PBS.

Posted on: Apr 25, 2005, Source: AlterNet

A progressive film festival would do almost anything to respect a union boycott of the Hilton this May -- except lose over a half million dollars in penalties. The union will accept nothing less.

Posted on: Apr 20, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Is self-proclaimed savior and Republican-insider Reverend Moon playing an under-the-table role in U.S.-North Korea nuclear talks?

Posted on: Apr 1, 2005, Source:

You may not know media prankster Joey Skaggs but chances are you know his heirs: the Yes Men, the Newsbreakers and even Michael Moore.

Posted on: Mar 16, 2005, Source:

Whether a new chapter in media criticism or just classless, low-rent, no-talent clowns, the NewsBreakers are serious about the need to reform our broken media system.

Posted on: Mar 9, 2005, Source: AlterNet

This Sunday's episode of ABC's <i>Boston Legal</i> focusing on censorship was itself censored, purged of all references to Fox and Bill O'Reilly. And nobody's talking.

Posted on: Mar 4, 2005, Source: AlterNet

<i>Newsweek</i>'s latest cover features a fake photo of Martha Stewart &#8211; any wonder people are losing faith in the news?

Posted on: Jan 20, 2005, Source:

The New York Times Company's multi-million dollar deal is still on track despite the racism controversy; a high-level exec describes the arrogance that keeps it afloat.

Posted on: Jan 13, 2005, Source:

Though several Metro executives have resigned and the paper has vowed to rehabilitate itself, the New York Times deal may yet go sour; a Globe columnist kept quiet for months.

Posted on: Jan 12, 2005, Source:

The NAACP, citizens' groups and the <i>American Journalism Review</i> weigh in on the <i>Boston Metro</i> controversy; will <i>The New York Times</i> be forced to pull out?

Posted on: Jan 11, 2005, Source:

The mainstream media ended its silence this morning on the racism of The New York Times' prospective new partner &#8211; with a Nixon-esque 'non-denial denial.'

Posted on: Jan 10, 2005, Source:

When The New York Times Company, owner of The Boston Globe, recently announced it would buy a 49 percent stake in Boston Metro, did it know it was also buying into a corporate culture of crude racism?

Posted on: Dec 20, 2004, Source:

Why was a company with no media experience handed a no-bid contract to run the new Iraqi news networks?

Posted on: Dec 15, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Alarmed by emerging reports of the Pentagon's manipulation of media messages, the writer sounds an alarm for the Fourth Estate.

Posted on: Dec 6, 2004, Source:

As the lines blur ever-further between media and military 'psy-ops,' the inevitable has finally happened.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Let the blame game begin.

Posted on: Oct 26, 2004, Source:

Does the Rev. Moon have it in for Kerry? And how does Carlton Sherwood, producer of the anti-Kerry doc of Sinclair fame, fit into the fray?

Posted on: Oct 12, 2004, Source:

Intelligence documents suggest that the Saudi government may have been financing Saddam's early attempts to develop a nuclear bomb &#8211; while Dick Cheney looked the other way.

Posted on: Aug 9, 2004, Source:

Paul Krugman doesn't just write about media, he unravels the events they cover, uncover, mis-cover and ignore.

Posted on: Jul 7, 2004, Source:

Both campaigns are expected to spend unprecedented amounts of money on television spots. But as the latest Bush advertising blitzkrieg proves, it may not make a difference to the outcome.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2004, Source:

The baby-faced conservative commentator now has his own television show thanks to his daddy, but even right-wingers are unhappy about it.

Posted on: May 26, 2004, Source:

A new book reveals how business journalists turned corporate greed into a heroic virtue.

Posted on: Mar 8, 2004, Source:

With its chief headed for jail, the Martha Stewart brand faces an identity crisis.

Posted on: Jan 12, 2004, Source:

The mainstream media are quick to condemn any description of Bush as a Nazi, but deafeningly silent on similar attacks on Howard Dean.

Posted on: Dec 8, 2003, Source:

The excesses of British media magnate Conrad Black rival the spending habits of the former Tyco chief.

Posted on: Nov 30, 2003, Source:

It's pretty ironic when Fox News is willing to air media critic Michael Wolff's scathing views on big media execs, while public television takes a pass.

Posted on: May 6, 2003, Source: AlterNet

A pre-show interview with the "O'Reilly Factor" on the BBC's alleged pro-Iraqi coverage turns into a lesson in true ideological bias.

Posted on: Mar 3, 2003, Source: AlterNet

Nuclear-safety experts are outraged at a recent NRC ruling that puts secrecy over protecting public safety.