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Patti Miller is currently working on a book about the history of the Catholic pro-choice movement in America. She was the founding editor-in-chief of the Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report and Daily HIV/AIDS Report and the former editor of Conscience magazine, the leading newsjournal of Catholic opinion. She also served as the Director of Writing and Research for Catholics for Choice. Patti has written extensively about reproductive health policy and the role of Catholicism and abortion in U.S. politics. She also has conducted numerous investigative reports on the religious right. Her work has appeared in The Nation, Ms. Magazine, and USA Today, and she has appeared on CNN. Patti holds an undergraduate degree in political science and a master’s in journalism from New York University. subscribe to Patti Miller's feed

Posted on: Apr 15, 2012, Source: RH Reality Check

The historical record suggests we may be witnessing a re-awakening of the reproductive rights movement.