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Posted on: Jun 3, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Whatever the circumstances, in the shadow of Vietnam, every subsequent U.S. war seemed to offer the opportunity to do it right, with less muss, less fuss, and more ease.

Posted on: May 27, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Despite all the talk of war and remembrance, no time is more infused with insidious forgetting than the last days of May.

Posted on: May 23, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The endless show that seems to fill America's every waking moment -- and many of its nightmares -- could be called "Media Jeopardy!"

Posted on: May 13, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The merits of a Senate filibuster have everything to do with what kind of nation people want.

Posted on: May 6, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Like an institution run by religious fanatics, <i>The New York Times</i> still cannot let go of its corporate faith in the great god of nuclear power.

Posted on: Apr 28, 2005, Source: AlterNet

We were being encouraged to celebrate Marla Ruzicka's life, her work and her message. But--in the context of a continuing war--what was her message?

Posted on: Apr 22, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The papacy of Benedict XVI confronts journalists with a key question: How much critical scrutiny is appropriate when a religious leader gains enormous power?

Posted on: Apr 18, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The recent decision by General Motors to pull its advertising from the <i>Los Angeles Times</i> has not gone over very well.

Posted on: Apr 8, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Media coverage over the fight to keep libraries open in Steinbeck's hometown is disturbingly sparse.

Posted on: Apr 1, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The first quarter of 2005 brought significant media dividends for the Bush-Cheney limited liability corporation.

Posted on: Mar 24, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The standard American media lexicon has steered clear of a word that would be an apt description of the Bush world view. Paranoid.

Posted on: Mar 18, 2005, Source: AlterNet

In addition to building a strong movement against the war, U.S. activists need to also push hesitant progressive organizations that are taking the easy out by refusing to challenge the ongoing war.

Posted on: Mar 11, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Why won't MoveOn "support our troops" by supporting a pullout of our troops from Iraq?

Posted on: Mar 3, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The content of TV commercials is routinely corrosive if not toxic. And the programs being interrupted are, themselves, commonly junk that rots people's minds.

Posted on: Feb 25, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Washington prefers to dress up Uncle Sam as some kind of star-spangled Santa Claus, but in the real world the resemblance is much closer to the Grim Reaper.

Posted on: Feb 22, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The written words of George Seldes and Ben Bagdikian clearly mirrored their personal demeanor: principled and compassionate while living out a commitment to journalism on behalf of democracy and human rights.

Posted on: Feb 10, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Notwithstanding the zany image of Alfred E. Neuman, <i>Mad</i> magazine's grinning icon of absurdity has overseen plenty of sobering antidotes to the phony self-importance of major media.

Posted on: Feb 3, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The media is telling us what the president wants us to hear &#8211; and ignoring historic echoes and basic contradictions.

Posted on: Jan 27, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The evidence is overwhelming that the president and his policy team are quite willing to devalue &#8211; in fact, destroy &#8211; life when it gets in their way.

Posted on: Jan 21, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Now &#8211; at the outset of Bush's second term &#8211; strong advocacy for immediate withdrawal should become part of the national debate.

Posted on: Jan 14, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Media disdain for lives on a downward spiral is most vehemently expressed by ignoring them; in the routine calculus of the newsroom, non-persons get non-coverage.

Posted on: Jan 7, 2005, Source: AlterNet

With all the God talk, big media outlets create ongoing pressure for conformity.

Posted on: Jan 4, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Vigorous journalism is essential to prevent further erosion of civil liberties and other fundamental rights.

Posted on: Dec 28, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Media outlets seem to be weapons of mass distraction, trained on our brains.

Posted on: Dec 10, 2004, Source: AlterNet

What's earthshaking in people's lives is often barely visible to the hype-hungry media eye.

Posted on: Dec 9, 2004, Source: AlterNet

There are media awards of all kinds, but none so foul and smelly as these.

Posted on: Dec 3, 2004, Source: AlterNet

America's winter of disremorse is not about nature, it's about a lack of nurture for what remains frozen.

Posted on: Nov 29, 2004, Source: AlterNet

While Uncle Sam continues to maintain a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying life on Earth, the American finger-wagging at Iran is something righteous to behold.

Posted on: Nov 18, 2004, Source: AlterNet

The U.S. media's highly selective use of the phrase "Iraqi forces" is symptomatic of the way that much of mainstream media defers to Washington's terminology.

Posted on: Nov 11, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Americans are encouraged to assume that Allah may be great but the red-white-and-blue God is surely greater.

Posted on: Nov 5, 2004, Source: AlterNet

TV studios and newsrooms tend to be far removed from the active idealism of the grassroots.

Posted on: Nov 1, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Journalists of the United States have their work cut out for them. Are they up to the task of exposing truth even when that means challenging the powerful?

Posted on: Oct 22, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Most people are less likely to feel let down because the Miss America pageant was pulled off the air; we're too busy sizing up our own presidential candidates.

Posted on: Oct 15, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Four targeted areas are likely soft spots for the Bush Campaign's flying punches.

Posted on: Oct 7, 2004, Source: AlterNet

After watching a debate, people have gotten a look at the core of a presidential campaign's artifice &#8211; the candidate himself.

Posted on: Oct 5, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Four years ago, Al Gore carried Oregon by a razor-thin margin; the results may be just as close this time around.

Posted on: Sep 17, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Little attention has focused on a matter of profound importance: The U.S. Supreme Court's three potential vacancies.

Posted on: Sep 10, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Government officials who glorify other people's patriotic deaths are rarely eager to partake of such glory themselves.

Posted on: Sep 3, 2004, Source: AlterNet

What remains to be seen is whether Rove's techniques will again prove successful when this country votes on Nov. 2.

Posted on: Aug 27, 2004, Source: AlterNet

Someday, the news media may get around to re-examining the assumption that killing foreigners in their own country is the best patriotic credential imaginable.