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Posted on: Jan 14, 2009, Source: Women's eNews

The majority of doctors believe a single-payer system would provide the best care.

Posted on: Dec 16, 2008, Source: Women's eNews

The new female condom reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infection by 97 percent and is safe for people who have allergies to latex.

Posted on: Jun 25, 2008, Source: Women's eNews

Increasing numbers of infertile people have been using surrogacy to have children, but a tougher economy is pushing it further out of reach.

Posted on: Jun 11, 2008, Source: Women's eNews

Controversy over the "abortion pill" has stymied scientists' ability to research its potential to treat breast cancer and other diseases.

Posted on: Oct 9, 2007, Source: Women's eNews

Is inequality making us sick?

Posted on: Feb 16, 2007, Source: Women's eNews

After the FDA lifted a 14-year ban on silicone breast implants many women are weighing the devices' potential side effects.

Posted on: Dec 19, 2006, Source: Women's eNews

Across the U.S., female animals exposed to toxic chemicals are suffering from a flurry of health problems, from shrunken ovaries to spontaneous abortions. What does this mean for female humans?

Posted on: Jan 19, 2006, Source: Choice! Magazine

More than thirty years later, three people who helped provide abortions before <i>Roe</i> tell their stories.

Posted on: Nov 10, 2005, Source: Women's eNews

While the FDA delays over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception, eight states are taking matters into their own hands.

Posted on: Mar 21, 2005, Source: Women's eNews

With 240 female U.S. soldiers injured and 33 killed so far in Iraq and Afghanistan, some military analysts are calling for a review of U.S. policy on women in combat.

Posted on: Nov 9, 2004, Source: Women's eNews

Reproductive rights advocates brace themselves for the real possibility that &#8211; in the next four years of Bush's presidency &#8211; abortion will become illegal again in the United States.

Posted on: Oct 1, 2004, Source: Women's eNews

With women more likely to support further research on embryonic stem cells, the issue has the potential to widen the gender gap in this election.

Posted on: Mar 10, 2004, Source: Women's eNews

Herpevac promises to protect female teens from herpes. But experts are wrestling with how to finance and administer a vaccine designed for a sexually transmitted disease.