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Posted on: Jun 21, 2007, Source: AlterNet

An archive of the great progressive columnist's writings.

Posted on: Jan 12, 2007, Source: AlterNet

We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders and we need to raise hell.

Posted on: Nov 15, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Apparently, the people of this country did not elect liberals to Congress last week. Nope, they elected populists!

Posted on: Nov 9, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The Democrats won this election because we are involved in a disastrous war. We know how to do this: Declare victory, and go home.

Posted on: Nov 7, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Congress stands before us so hopelessly corrupt that the stench has washed all over the country.

Posted on: Oct 31, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Victory looks likely; prepare for not gloating.

Posted on: Oct 26, 2006, Source: AlterNet

For misinformation and cruelty, not to mention plain bad manners, it is so hard to beat Rush Limbaugh.

Posted on: Oct 24, 2006, Source: AlterNet

For those of us who aren't rich, however, incomes are stagnant while healthcare and education costs skyrocket.

Posted on: Oct 19, 2006, Source: AlterNet

I'm not close to calling this election, and I'm sure not into celebrating anything yet.

Posted on: Oct 17, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The administration has released three pages of the 30-page report. We may see the rest of it, but not 'til post-election.

Posted on: Oct 12, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Belligerent Mr. Bush has stirred up a hornet's nest in North Korea.

Posted on: Oct 10, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Democrat Chris Bell looked and sounded like the only candidate who won't embarrass the state.

Posted on: Sep 28, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The detainee bill now in the Senate throws out legal and moral restraints as the president deems necessary; basic principles of decency and law.

Posted on: Sep 26, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Stealing money from little kids' reading programs? What's <i>that</i> about?

Posted on: Sep 22, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Bush's problem is that despite repeated warnings, he went ahead with 'the program' without waiting for Congress to provide a fig leaf of legality.

Posted on: Sep 21, 2006, Source: AlterNet

...Or the worst press conference in history.

Posted on: Sep 15, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The recently deceased former Texas governor was a great reformer and staunch liberal in the reddest of states.

Posted on: Aug 29, 2006, Source: AlterNet

What I learned from women peace activists: spill love and calm and reassurance and, well, peace all over them.

Posted on: Aug 24, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Somehow, activist judges are held responsible for gay marriage, Roe v. Wade and everything else Americans disagree about.

Posted on: Aug 22, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The Bushies are having the hardest time trying to un-lie.

Posted on: Aug 17, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument might merit a little more attention than the Wabash Cannonball.

Posted on: Aug 15, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The Bush administration's reliance on scare tactics -- to beat Americans into stunned submission -- is becoming outright laughable.

Posted on: Aug 3, 2006, Source: AlterNet

I'm starting to feel like Casey Stengel looking at the early Mets: 'Doesn't anybody here know how to play this game?'

Posted on: Jul 27, 2006, Source: AlterNet

By the time Chapter 9,271 of the conflicts in the Middle East had gotten its own logo, everyone knew it was huge.

Posted on: Jul 25, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Can Moyers win? No, but he can show the Democrats what political courage looks like.

Posted on: Jul 18, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Hedge funds are investment pools for the rich -- and they're causing serious harm to our country's economy.

Posted on: Jul 11, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Anyone who doesn't think this is a country where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer needs to check the numbers.

Posted on: Jul 6, 2006, Source: AlterNet

House Republicans know a good, divisive election-year issue when they see one.

Posted on: Jun 30, 2006, Source: AlterNet

If you think the "military standoff" with North Korea sounds silly, wait'll you hear about the diplomatic maneuvering.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2006, Source: AlterNet

In the middle of the GOP's weeklong festival of referring to Dems as the party of 'retreat,' they abruptly announced their own cut'n'run program.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2006, Source: AlterNet

By declaring the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a national monument -- which will help protect its marine life -- Bush has made at least one good decision lately.

Posted on: Jun 20, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Attention, scandal-ridden Republicans: if you are put in charge of government, the least you can do is run it well.

Posted on: Jun 15, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Do you suppose the rest of the world just assumes George W. Bush is a moron when he goes overseas?

Posted on: Jun 13, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Morale, my ass. It's time the antiwar side in this country started using a few threats of its own.

Posted on: Jun 8, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Why is Bush now full of reason, offering to have diplomatic talks with the very people he's been denouncing as beyond vile?

Posted on: Jun 6, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Republicans are concerned with gay marriage and the burden of the estate tax on the rich, while the rest of us question war, economy, environment and civilization.

Posted on: May 31, 2006, Source: AlterNet

I'll be damned if Enron's No. 1 show pony politician, George W. Bush, should be allowed to walk away from this.

Posted on: May 23, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The administration just keeps passing off its dirty work: the war in Iraq, the war on 'foreigners' -- and that ingenius 50-foot wall to keep them out.

Posted on: May 18, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The minimum we should expect of Bush in return for dropping the issue of impeachment (or not) is that he cease breaking the law.

Posted on: May 16, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Insane immigration policies, a new $70 billion tax cut for the rich, and increasing ineptitude in Iraq all indicate that this administration has lost its marbles.