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Posted on: Feb 18, 2013, Source: AlterNet

President Obama spent his Sunday swinging at little balls with Jim Crane, a Texas businessman in deep with Big Oil.

Posted on: Feb 5, 2013, Source: AlterNet

John Brennan’s confirmation hearing to become head of the CIA is set for February 7.

Posted on: Jan 9, 2013, Source: AlterNet

President Obama’s counterterrorism chief John Brennan is the wrong guy.

Posted on: Dec 31, 2012, Source: AlterNet

CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin discusses US and global issues that experienced newfound gains during the year.

Posted on: Dec 5, 2012, Source: AlterNet

“We want them to know that when they attack us mercilessly, when they treat us like animals, we will fight back,” says one young Palestinian.

Posted on: Nov 28, 2012, Source: AlterNet

Egyptian protesters have gathered in Tahrir Square after a decree that said all presidential decisions would be immune from judicial review until the adoption of a new constitution.

Posted on: Nov 13, 2012, Source: AlterNet

We must grapple with key issues such as the Afghan war, killer drone attacks, maintaining peace with Iran, U.S. policy vis-a-vis Israel and Palestine, and the bloated Pentagon budget.

Posted on: Nov 5, 2012, Source: AlterNet

CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin brings the devastation of the U.S. drone war in Pakistan to the doorstep of John Brennan, the man tasked with drawing up President Obama's "kill lists."

Posted on: Oct 10, 2012, Source: AlterNet

A CODEPINK delegation that came to Pakistan to protest U.S. drones has been showered with tremendous hospitality, warmth and friendship.

Posted on: Sep 26, 2012, Source: AlterNet

The anti-war delegation traveling to Pakistan will demonstrate that there are Americans calling for an end to the CIA’s killer drone strikes.

Posted on: Aug 13, 2012, Source: AlterNet

A number of peace activists looking to attend a drone convention were threatened with arrest and had their conference badges yanked away.

Posted on: Jul 31, 2012, Source: AlterNet

Rae Abileah was attacked after she interrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

Posted on: May 2, 2012, Source: AlterNet

"Mr. Brennan, will you speak out about the innocents killed by the U.S. in our drone strikes?," asked Benjamin during a speech marking the anniversary of bin Laden's death.

Posted on: Mar 21, 2012, Source: AlterNet

An excerpt from Medea Benjamin's new book, "Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control," published by OR Books.

Posted on: Mar 13, 2012, Source: AlterNet

The startled CEO of Bank of America recently found himself flanked by women in pink bras, with Bust up B of A scrawled on their chests.

Posted on: Feb 29, 2012, Source: AlterNet

AIPAC has tremendous clout but its influence has been disastrous for U.S. foreign policy and U.S. democracy. Here are ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous.

Posted on: Feb 21, 2012, Source: AlterNet

Former Miami police chief John Timoney claims that while tear gas may be "distasteful," it's not really harmful. He should take a closer look at what's happening in Bahrain.

Posted on: Jan 9, 2012, Source: AlterNet

Rather than renouncing empire and endless war, Obama's stated strategy for the military going forward just reaffirms the U.S. commitment to both.

Posted on: Dec 27, 2011, Source: AlterNet

People the world over becoming empowered and emboldened simply by watching each other -- that became the hallmark of the year.

Posted on: Nov 4, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Naked aggression was used against the flotilla in international waters—something that is normally considered an act of piracy.

Posted on: Oct 24, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Contrary to what you're likely to hear from the political and media establishment, the only thing worth celebrating is this war's end, not what it accomplished.

Posted on: Sep 27, 2011, Source: AlterNet

This week marks the beginning of what is supposed to be the final 100 days of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Posted on: Sep 16, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The bias of some of our Congress members reinforces a disastrous U.S. policy of unconditional support for Israel that obstructs peace and runs counter to our national interests.

Posted on: Sep 8, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Don't expect much from the debt committee members, who are even more anxious to please the military establishment and weapons manufacturers than your average politician.

Posted on: Aug 29, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Peace activists around the country are stealthily gearing up to visit bookstores, grab a stack of books, and deposit them where they belong.

Posted on: Aug 26, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The tribute to peacemakers, organized by the MLK National Memorial Foundation, was mostly a night applauding warmakers, corporate profiteers and co-opted musicians.

Posted on: Aug 17, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Obama promised on the campaign trail, "I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank." But don't count on cashing that check.

Posted on: Aug 9, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The Congressional recess is a time for elected representatives to be home in their districts, reaching out to their constituents. So why are one in five taking a junket to Israel?

Posted on: Aug 7, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Our presence in Afghanistan is not making us safer because Afghanistan is not a threat to us.

Posted on: Jul 19, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Given that the U.S. is a major arms seller to Greece, Clinton will encourage the Greeks to slash workers’ wages and pensions, but not its enormous military appetite.

Posted on: Jul 8, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The Israeli government can only continue its egregious violations of human rights and torpedoing nonviolence initiatives for so long.

Posted on: Jun 26, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Posted on: Jun 21, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The real question is: How long will the Israelis, with U.S. backing, continue to swim against the tide?

Posted on: Jun 17, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Our nation's continued military exploits in Iraq and Afghanistan are fueling cities like Detroit's destruction.

Posted on: Jun 15, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Instead of continuing the hard work of protesting unjust wars, too many people took the election of politicians with "D"s after their name as their own Mission Accomplished.

Posted on: Jun 2, 2011, Source: AlterNet

This Saturday, we’ll be dancing in reverence to Thomas Jefferson’s spirit of resistance in DC.

Posted on: May 20, 2011, Source: AlterNet

There he was, the leader of the largest empire in history, praising the power of peaceful protest in countries with repressive leaders backed by his own administration.

Posted on: Apr 27, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The revolt that swept through Tunisia and Egypt should be a wake-up call for both the U.S. government and the remaining dictators.

Posted on: Mar 23, 2011, Source: AlterNet

If the bitter lesson of Iraq and Afghanistan has taught us anything, it's that wars of liberation exact a deadly toll on those they purportedly liberate.

Posted on: Mar 18, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Invading Iraq was sold to the American public as a war to defend our nation and free the Iraqi people. What they got was an ocean of blood and tragedy.