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Posted on: Oct 27, 2003, Source: AlterNet

While the press focuses on the Pledge of Allegiance case, the Supreme Court is quietly taking on another case that could have more troubling implications for the separation of church and state.

Posted on: Sep 3, 2003, Source: AlterNet

A new government report reads likes a sales pitch for Internet filters.

Posted on: Jul 24, 2003, Source: AlterNet

The FCC has a tough new stance against "indecent" words and ideas.

Posted on: Apr 14, 2002, Source: Free Expression Policy Project,, and the Kama Sutra screen saver are just a few of the web sites threatened with censorship if the Supreme Court rules against free speech in Ashcroft v. ACLU.

Posted on: Mar 20, 2002, Source: AlterNet

The Children's Internet Protection Act mandates that all public schools and libraries using federal funds for Internet use must install a filtering system by this July or risk losing the aid altogether.