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Posted on: Dec 16, 2013, Source: Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute

People think tend of child labor a thing of the past in the United States -- but in the agriculture industry, it's still a potential deadly occupation.

Posted on: Jan 4, 2013, Source: Global Comment

A Q&A with Norma Flores Lopez, director of the children in the fields campaign.

Posted on: Jun 24, 2012, Source: AlterNet

In Knox v. Service Employees International Union, the Supreme Court suggests that the First Amendment is for corporations, not working people and unions.

Posted on: Jun 9, 2012, Source: AlterNet

The Paycheck Fairness Act would give women a shot at making the same as men for the same work--but the Senate GOP wouldn't even allow a vote on it.

Posted on: Jun 4, 2012, Source: AlterNet

Which states are walking the walk when it comes to funding pre-K programs -- and which are lagging far behind?

Posted on: May 13, 2012, Source: AlterNet

A former child farmworker and other activists are working to bring farmworker kids out of the shadows and get them the same protections as kids in other industries.

Posted on: Oct 16, 2011, Source: AlterNet

A broad coalition across the country is fighting--and winning--battles for workers' right to stay home when they're ill.

Posted on: Jul 19, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Can Sandy Pope take on years of union history to become the first woman president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters?

Posted on: Oct 19, 2007, Source: AlterNet

A new survey of mothers reveals some disturbing things about hospital maternity care that may make pregnant women want to take a closer look at their options.