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Posted on: Jan 20, 2015, Source: The Washington Spectator

His story reads like a script from the old spy spoof “Get Smart.”

Posted on: Dec 20, 2014, Source: The Washington Spectator

How ironic that the warming of relations between the U.S. and Cuba began with a bungled covert operation.

Posted on: Sep 5, 2014, Source: The Washington Spectator

Georgia GOP rewrites laws to hedge against growing minority strength.

Posted on: Aug 13, 2014, Source: The Washington Spectator

Gatherings of Christian conservatives play a role in moving the Republican Party further to the right.

Posted on: Feb 25, 2012, Source: The Washington Spectator

There is no real reason for voter-ID laws. Simply stated, voter-ID bills become laws because Republican legislators pass and Republican governors sign them.

Posted on: Aug 24, 2011, Source: The Washington Spectator

Since Perry is running for president on a record of fiscal responsibility, it’s important to understand his 2006 decision that wreaked havoc on his state.

Posted on: Jul 6, 2007, Source: The Washington Spectator

In 2001, 19-year-old Murat Kurnaz was an innocent man caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Accused of being a terrorist, he spent five years in Guantanamo before being released -- now he's telling his story.

Posted on: Jun 8, 2005, Source: Texas Observer

Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist have been caught billing clients for face time with George W. Bush. Don't believe it? Just follow the paper trail.

Posted on: Nov 21, 2004, Source: LA Weekly

Will Alberto Gonzales' move to Attorney General give him the conservative chops he needs for the Christian right to rubber stamp his passage to the Supreme Court?