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Posted on: Sep 10, 2008, Source: AlterNet

McCain promises to slash earmarks and save us money. But earmarks are a tiny fraction of the federal budget -- less than 1 percent in 2008.

Posted on: Sep 9, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

What's the big deal? It was only one.

Posted on: Sep 5, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

Cops detained hundreds demonstrators on the final night of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Posted on: Sep 3, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

"I observed a lot of instigation and escalation of violence [on the part of the police]," Flemming said.

Posted on: Sep 3, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

It should be stressed that this wasn't a loud boisterous march like Monday's, but just a crowd of 100 people walking calmly down the street.

Posted on: Sep 2, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

The most common charges included obstruction, unlawful assembly, conspiracy to riot, and rioting.

Posted on: Aug 31, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

Abuse of "probable cause holds" shows the importance of habeus corpus protections.

Posted on: Aug 29, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

"You figure this would be going on in South Africa, or Russia, not in St. Paul."

Posted on: Aug 25, 2008, Source: Firedoglake

The entire U.S. is supposed to be a free speech zone, isn't it?

Posted on: Aug 7, 2008, Source: Majikthise

There are different views on the particulars.

Posted on: Aug 6, 2008, Source: Majikthise

The source's account seems plausible in light of the Bush administration's extensive record of public deception.

Posted on: Aug 5, 2008, Source: Majikthise

John McCain's Obama tire gauge joke falls flat.

Posted on: Aug 4, 2008, Source: Majikthise

A private intelligence outfit is attempting to recruit journalists around the world.

Posted on: Jul 31, 2008, Source: Majikthise

The firm was recently given another fat contract as a reward for its excellent performance.

Posted on: Jul 28, 2008, Source: Majikthise

Boys have long led girls in math scores, but that's no longer the case.

Posted on: Jul 23, 2008, Source: Majikthise

Robert Novak struck a man in the street this morning while driving his black corvette convertible to work.

Posted on: Jul 22, 2008, Source: Majikthise

Rove is spearheading the $500 million "partisan institute and think tank."

Posted on: Jul 14, 2008, Source: Majikthise

Lobbyist Stephen P. Payne, a new rising star of pay-to-play politics, makes Jack Abramoff look like a piker.

Posted on: Jul 11, 2008, Source: Raw Story

Alabama US Attorney denies any involvement in university editor's termination.

Posted on: Jul 11, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Awkward eight-second pause while candidate tries to remember how he voted.