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Posted on: Aug 31, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, the Alaska Court of Appeals narrows marijuana home search law; police in Ontario, Canada, arrest a senior citizen in a cannabis cafe; and a Calgary court sentences an RCMP officer to four years in prison for selling seized marijuana.

Posted on: Aug 17, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, US prisoners are increasingly being required to pay for their imprisonment; psychedelic drugs are again gaining credence as therapeutic agents; and marijuana's chemical components are shown to battle brain tumors.

Posted on: Aug 11, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, the Supreme Court agrees to rule on the constitutionality of the guidelines for federal criminal sentences; the Tajikistan general in charge of battling the drugs trade in his country and in Afghanistan has been arrested amid claims of murder and corruption; and U.S. Drug "Czar" John Walters admits that Plan Colombia has been a failure, but insists we must continue to stay the course.

Posted on: Aug 6, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, Miami Dolphins' Ricky Williams quits the NFL after failing his third drug test, and says he will continue to smoke marijuana; arrests for marijuana possession are down 30 percent in the UK and Canada; and the USA blames the UK for not doing enough to halt the opium trade in Afghanistan.

Posted on: Jul 26, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, several major religious denominations joined the movement to legalize medical marijuana use; medical researchers sue the federal government for speedy access to marijuana for scientific study; the number of Canadian marijuana smokers has reportedly doubled over the past 13 years; marijuana possession charges are dropped against a principal who planted pot in a locker to get a student expelled; and the Canadian Supreme Court rules that police can't go on "fishing expeditions" looking for evidence of lawbreaking when they stop someone.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, activists at the International AIDS Conference say that injection drug use is fuelling the global AIDS crisis; a long-term Florida methamphetamine investigation results in the arrest of 81 people and 16 pounds of meth; and White House Drug "Czar" John Walters argues that marijuana is more dangerous than heroin or cocaine and hopes to shift research and enforcement efforts away from "hard" drugs and onto marijuana.

Posted on: Jul 13, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, 11 Grateful Dead fans questioned for selling psychedelic mushrooms; Florida schools begin using aerosol spray kits to detect drug residue; marijuana use is up among US adults; the American Bar Association calls for the elimination of Mandatory Minimum sentences for minor drug offenses; and Bush's Deputy Drug Czar resigns to consider running for the Senate.

Posted on: Jul 7, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, the US Supreme Court agreed to decide whether the federal government can prosecute sick people who smoke medical marijuana; 20,000 Oakland, CA, voters sign an initiative to place casual adult marijuana use as the lowest police priority; a federal judge in West Virginia reduces a man's sentence from 20 years to 1 year based on a recent Supreme Court ruling; Florida's Board of Elections produces another flawed list of felons to be purged from the voter roles; and South Carolina's attorney general refuses to press charges against police who conducted a heavy-handed drug raid on a high school last year.

Posted on: Jun 29, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, the American Bar Association releases a report calling for an end to unfair justice system practices; China executes 18 to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse; and the US Justice Department releases a report showing that America's prison population tops the world.

Posted on: Jun 21, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, a report about a chronic pain patient sentenced to 25 years in prison for possession of an ounce of prescription painkillers; a Texas judge decides how to disburse a $6 million dollar settlement among 45 black defendants who had been framed by a racist cop in a phony drug sting; and the Navy discharges five SEALs for drug use.

Posted on: Jun 14, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, Washington state customs agents are looking at a record bust year, having confiscated almost two-thirds of 1 percent of the pot entering the U.S.; a major Canadian think-tank recommends legalizing marijuana; and Portuguese police will back off cannabis-smoking English soccer fans at the Euro 2004, and focus on alcohol.

Posted on: Jun 7, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, a new study says that smoking marijuana does not lead to oral cancer; a Canadian political leader promotes marijuana decriminalization; a federal judge allows drug reform ads on mass transit; a former NJ narcotics officer calls the drug war a "dismal failure"; California voters may have an opportunity to reorganize aspects of the 3-Strikes Law.

Posted on: May 24, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, U.S. soldiers may join Border Patrol agents in guarding the borders with Mexico and Canada; Vermont will become the ninth state to allow medical marijuana use; UK prison officers are deliberately skewing prison drug testing to record a falsely lower incidence of drug use, and thus ensure steady funding and job protection; and the chief health officer of Atlantic City, NJ, engages in civil disobedience by distributing clean needles to drug addicts.

Posted on: May 17, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, Vancouver crackdown backfires; Australia's NSW government seeks limited medical cannabis trials; Bayer to market first prescription pharmaceutical marijuana spray; Canada drops pot decriminalization bill; and Russia decriminalizes personal drug possession.

Posted on: May 9, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, Montel Williams admits smoking pot daily to cope with multiple sclerosis; a South Carolina narcotics officer killed in a single-car accident had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit; the mayor of Vancouver calls for legalization; and International Marijuana Day is shut down in Tel Aviv.

Posted on: May 2, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, a Texas high school bans sack lunches and baked goods after a student brings marijuana brownies to school; nearly a third of Canadian medical marijuana patients return their government-grown marijuana due to inferior quality; and a new study maps the boom in U.S. prison building in the past 30 years.

Posted on: Apr 26, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, a Colombian peasant representative speaks out against America's "War on Coca"; Berkeley, CA's mayor supports increasing medical marijuana patients' personal plant grow limit from 10 to 72 plants; and a Canadian magazine mocks US drug Czar John Walters for giving their pot trade free advertising.

Posted on: Apr 19, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, a Kentucky grand jury declines to indict a police officer in the shooting of an unarmed black man and an Australian government pamphlet 'tells the truth' about marijuana and schizophrenia.

Posted on: Apr 12, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, the Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of allowing drug sniffing dogs during routine traffic stops; Holland's right-leaning government considers reclassifying potent marijuana as a hard drug; two top Mexican police officials are arrested for protecting drug traffickers; a Texas District Attorney will face legal action for his role in the Tulia drug sting; and the White House drug "czar's" office begins a nationwide tour promoting random drug testing in schools.

Posted on: Apr 5, 2004, Source: AlterNet

This week, despite having no clear evidence, US prosecutors announce an investigation of Jean Bertrand Aristide's alleged ties to cocaine traffickers; meanwhile, a Peruvian court tries Vladimir Montesinos -- a 30-year CIA asset -- for supplying Colombian drug traffickers with weapons.