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Kari Lydersen, an In These Times contributing editor, is a Chicago-based journalist and instructor who currently works at Northwestern University. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Reader and The Progressive, among other publications. Her most recent book is "Mayor 1%: Rahm Emanuel and the Rise of Chicago’s 99 Percent." She is also the co-author of "Shoot an Iraqi: Art, Life and Resistance Under the Gun" and the author of "Revolt on Goose Island: The Chicago Factory Takeover, and What it Says About the Economic Crisis." Look for an updated reissue of Revolt on Goose Island in 2014. In 2011, she was awarded a Studs Terkel Community Media Award for her work. Reach Lydersen by email: subscribe to Kari Lydersen's feed

Posted on: May 19, 2003, Source: AlterNet

Coming soon to a town near you: corporate accountability campaigns, one of the most popular and effective tactics for enacting social change.

Posted on: May 13, 2003, Source: AlterNet

Illinois' home healthcare system is hurting from budget cuts even though it can save the state millions every year.

Posted on: May 11, 2003, Source: AlterNet

Omar Jamal tried to convince his fellow Somali Americans that the Constitution protected their free speech, but the outspoken activist's arrest and possible deportation have them unsure if he was right.

Posted on: Apr 27, 2003, Source: AlterNet

The ACLU turns to advertising to promote basic civil liberties.

Posted on: Mar 30, 2003, Source: IMPACT Press

People can now be searched, questioned, spied on, even detained without a lawyer on the basis of their race or religion alone.

Posted on: Mar 30, 2003, Source: AlterNet

The military's slick propaganda campaign borrows from the corporate PR world, and keeps the war sanitized for public consumption.

Posted on: Mar 12, 2003, Source: AlterNet

A host of recent actions by government agencies, school boards and other institutions attempts to limit what we read, see and hear -- sometimes with debilitating effects.

Posted on: Feb 20, 2003, Source: AlterNet

A diverse movement to protect civil liberties is bringing together strange bedfellows: far-right militias and lobbying groups, left and liberal NGOs and community organizations, libertarians and the NRA.

Posted on: Feb 9, 2003, Source: AlterNet

Despite international pressure and changing public opinion, the U.S. continues to be the world's leading executioner.

Posted on: Feb 3, 2003, Source: AlterNet

When the U.S. deports and detains immigrants, the consequences can be devastating.

Posted on: Jan 14, 2003, Source: AlterNet

Bush's "economic stimulus" plan has kindled an array of alternative plans from a wide-ranging coalition of labor and progressive groups.

Posted on: Dec 22, 2002, Source: AlterNet

They face increased harassment, surveillance and arrest, yet immigrants keep coming to the U.S. Many of them have no choice.

Posted on: Nov 24, 2002, Source: AlterNet

A new campaign says Jesus wouldn't be caught dead driving a gas-sucking, planet-warming, road-hogging SUV -- and neither should you.

Posted on: Oct 6, 2002, Source: AlterNet

Mushroom farming, apple picking and detassling corn entail long hours of intense physical labor. Most white people don't want these jobs, so farmers depend on immigrants from Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Posted on: Sep 29, 2002, Source: AlterNet

No-till farming methods can decrease carbon dioxide emissions and boost nutrients in the soil. As added economic incentive, farmers may soon be trading their "carbon credits" on a global market.

Posted on: Sep 22, 2002, Source: AlterNet

Most family farmers have been forced by economics to adopt factory farm-type operations, both with agriculture and livestock. Now some farmers are bucking the factory farming trend and finding ways to make organic, healthy and humane farming work.

Posted on: Sep 15, 2002, Source: AlterNet

The mandatory fees cattle ranchers pay to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association are being used to serve the interests of multinational companies and large factory farming operations. Now family farmers say they are being forced to fund their own demise.

Posted on: Sep 8, 2002, Source: AlterNet

Much of the world is certain that it doesn't want GM foods -- very certain. And this fact could only have devastating economic implications for American farmers.

Posted on: Sep 2, 2002, Source: AlterNet

Mass corporate owernership of livestock is becoming the name of the game in the meatpacking industry, harming farmers and threatening to suck the lifeblood out of rural midwestern communities.

Posted on: Jul 1, 2002, Source: AlterNet

ACORN is often accused of being loud and splashy -- but members of the grassroots group say that's what it takes to get their voices heard.

Posted on: May 27, 2002, Source: LiP Magazine

With former Coke exec Vicente Fox now employed as president of Mexico, Coca-Cola is winning its battle for the mouths and hearts of Latin America.

Posted on: Sep 9, 2001, Source: LiP Magazine

The latest spoonful of "free trade alphabet soup" being served in the Americas is the PPP -- the Plan Puebla-Panama, a trade ploy that may forever change Mexico.