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Posted on: Oct 29, 2010, Source: AlterNet

Conservative candidates walk a fine line between getting the political support of militias, while avoiding charges of extremism unpalatable to the mainstream.

Posted on: Sep 23, 2010, Source: AlterNet

'Sovereign citizens' refuse to abide by government laws. While a small minority takes up arms, most just search for loopholes in the law.

Posted on: Aug 10, 2010, Source: AlterNet

Bradley Manning is not the first military whistleblower to have his life ruined. The military is infamous for trying to silence soldiers who speak out against the war.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2010, Source: AlterNet

Many Americans are deaf to the suffering of soldiers who participated in torture, largely because they're in denial about America's torture program.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2010, Source: Wiley Press

News of Abu Ghraib shook the small, working-class hometown of the soldiers involved in the scandal.

Posted on: Jun 2, 2010, Source: AlterNet

From militias to white supremacists, right-wing groups are using social networking to organize and spread propaganda. Should the government do something?

Posted on: Mar 29, 2010, Source: AlterNet

Naomi Wolf, author of 'End of America,' talks about why she has become an improbable Tea Party darling, and if progressives can learn from the conservative activists.

Posted on: Mar 5, 2010, Source: Mother Jones

Meet the fast-growing 'patriot' group that's recruiting soldiers to resist the Obama administration.

Posted on: Mar 26, 2008, Source: Mother Jones

When 27-year-old Ben Allbright returned from Iraq, he was treated like a hero. But he is haunted by the "harsh interrogations" he oversaw.