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Josh Silver is the Executive Director of Free Press a national, nonpartisan organization that he co-founded with Robert McChesney and John Nichols in 2002 to engage citizens in media policy debates and create a more democratic and diverse media system. subscribe to Josh Silver's feed

Posted on: Jun 27, 2013, Source: AlterNet

What happened in Albany last week is more than just another case of jaw-dropping political dysfunction—it has major implications for national anti-corruption efforts.

Posted on: Jan 18, 2011, Source: Free Press

The new Comcast will control an obscene number of media outlets, from TV and radio to movie studios and a network of millions who subscribe to cable and internet.

Posted on: Aug 8, 2010, Source: Free Press

A deal between Verizon and Google to allow some content to download faster for pay, marks the beginning of the end of the Internet as we know it.

Posted on: Apr 1, 2010, Source: Free Press

Government should have as little role as possible in delivering broadband to America, says Google's CEO. Just like government should stay out of banking regulation?

Posted on: Jan 12, 2010, Source: In These Times

TV Everywhere's proposed "paywall" is desperate attack on web TV purveyors. The worst part? Comcast is marketing it as a "consumer friendly" option.

Posted on: Sep 11, 2009, Source: Free Press

The danger of unchecked misinformation from media extremists is not to be underestimated. They lead the march against progressive policies that comprise a functional modern state.

Posted on: May 26, 2008, Source: Huffington Post

You probably didn't hear about the House voting to ban Pentagon propaganda -- since the networks have failed to cover the story.

Posted on: May 16, 2008, Source: Huffington Post

Thursday's Senate vote is good news for everyone who is fed up with a media system, that, in the words of Jon Stewart, is "hurting America."