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Jill Filipovic is a New York-based freelance writer and a law student at NYU. More of her writing is available online at her blog, Feministe. subscribe to Jill Filipovic's feed

Posted on: Jun 2, 2009, Source: Feministe

"Is it Wrong to Murder an Abortionist?" What the hell, Slate?

Posted on: May 29, 2009, Source: Feministe

No, Sotomayor is not getting Palin-ed.

Posted on: Mar 8, 2009, Source: Feministe

The "right to life" is not, apparently, absolute.

Posted on: Jan 29, 2009, Source: Feministe

We didn’t win the birth control battle, but the stimulus package is still very good for women.

Posted on: Jan 14, 2009, Source: Feministe

If he wants to re-live you losing your virginity, or if you have to fake losing it to please him, dump the motherfucker already.

Posted on: Dec 30, 2008, Source: Feministe

The U.S. government has spent more than $1.5 billion on abstinence programs. What a terrible waste.

Posted on: Dec 21, 2008, Source: Feministe

The girl was innocent and did not even fit the description of the alleged criminal the police were looking for.

Posted on: Nov 28, 2008, Source: Feministe

Maybe I'm imagining things, but has anyone else noticed more allusions to female masturbation on TV?

Posted on: Nov 18, 2008, Source: Feministe

When you think about it, it really isn't that surprising. Logic has never been their strong suit.

Posted on: Nov 14, 2008, Source: Feministe

That's right, Joe's got a website.

Posted on: Oct 21, 2008, Source: Feministe

This shouldn't even surprise us anymore.

Posted on: Jul 3, 2008, Source: Feministe

Esmin Green's final agony caught on surveillance camera. Staff looked on but failed to act.

Posted on: Jun 30, 2008, Source: Feministe

'Wingers say the darndest things.

Posted on: Jun 25, 2008, Source: Feministe

An ancient gender-bending tradition is on the wane.

Posted on: Jun 24, 2008, Source: Feministe

Ev psych strikes again.

Posted on: Jun 17, 2008, Source: Feministe

“...when youth get involved in politics in large numbers, it is not a good thing...”

Posted on: Jun 15, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Debunking the myth of the Angry White Women defecting to McCain.

Posted on: Jun 10, 2008, Source: Feministe

Are same-sex marriages emotionally healthier for those involved?

Posted on: Jun 9, 2008, Source: Feministe

What qualifies as authentically "feminist?"

Posted on: Jun 6, 2008, Source: Feministe

Once again, abortion opponents reveal their disregard for life after birth.