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Heidi Schnakenberg is a writer and activist whose work has appeared in the Des Moines Register, Women's eNews, and several national and international publications. As a screenwriter, she has worked with Francis Ford Coppola and American Zoetrope. Her latest project is an original screenplay based on Spanish Harlem in the 80s and 90s, called El Barrio Del Sol. subscribe to Heidi Schnakenberg's feed

Posted on: Jul 11, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Our "interracial couple" status was never a huge issue. Then, we became pregnant.

Posted on: Jul 10, 2008, Source: AlterNet

A lesson from second-wave feminism: Women will continue to be oppressed unless they stop prioritizing other causes over their own.

Posted on: May 24, 2006, Source: Women's eNews

As a female opinion journalist, I've been called everything from bitch to whore to sweetie.