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Posted on: Mar 24, 2009, Source: The Financial Times

AIG failed because it sold large amounts of credit default swaps (CDS) without properly offsetting or covering their positions.

Posted on: Oct 2, 2008, Source: The Financial Times

Instead of just purchasing troubled assets the bulk of the funds ought to be used to recapitalise the banking system.

Posted on: Sep 12, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Washington's recent compromise on the fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac constitutes the worst of all possible worlds.

Posted on: May 19, 2004, Source: AlterNet

In a commencement address, George Soros decries the war on terror, which has claimed more innocent victims than the terrorist attacks on September 11. The victim has become the perpetrator.

Posted on: Jun 4, 2003, Source: The American Prospect

The fight for a global open society must be fought in the United States.