Stories by Gabriel Sayegh

Gabriel Sayegh is the director of the Drug Policy Alliance’s New York Office. subscribe to Gabriel Sayegh's feed

Posted on: Apr 10, 2015, Source: Drug Policy Alliance

Hakeem Kuta died fleeing from the NYPD over smoking pot in a Bronx building. Is the department's legacy of aggressive policing to blame?

Posted on: Dec 18, 2013, Source: Drug Policy Alliance

This is an opportunity we should not pass up.

Posted on: May 22, 2013, Source: AlterNet

Will Governor Cuomo and NY legislature finally fix unfair laws, uphold justice and reflect the will of the people?

Posted on: Nov 15, 2012, Source: AlterNet

New York passed a law protecting 911 callers from prosecution for drug crimes. Apparently, it's not being implemented.

Posted on: Feb 4, 2012, Source: AlterNet

Since Mayor Bloomberg became mayor a decade ago, the NYPD has arrested nearly 350,000 young Black and Latino for low-level marijuana possession.

Posted on: Dec 8, 2011, Source: AlterNet

While arrests have dropped ever so slightly since Police Commissioner Kelly issued his order, the NYPD is still using stop-and-frisk to make thousands of unwarranted pot arrests.

Posted on: May 13, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Pot arrests are highly expensive for the taxpayer, associated racial disparities are ghastly, and just to ice the cake, most of these arrests are the result of illegal searches.

Posted on: May 4, 2010, Source: AlterNet

New York City has the dubious distinction as the marijuana arrest capital of the world. The mayor's office doesn't seem to want to allow attention drawn to it.

Posted on: Jan 15, 2010, Source: AlterNet

New report takes down the claims that disaster will result from drug law reform, and that judges are incapable of making sound decisions.

Posted on: Oct 8, 2009, Source: AlterNet

Jail for drug offenses is no longer mandatory in New York: judges can send people suffering from addiction into a range of programs, such as treatment and mental health services.

Posted on: Mar 5, 2009, Source: AlterNet

Drug addiction shouldn't be a crime -- the real crime would be if reform of New York's draconian drug laws were stymied yet again.

Posted on: Dec 2, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Let's stop spending over $500 million every year on ineffective and wasteful policies like the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Posted on: May 4, 2007, Source: AlterNet

With 91 percent of people incarcerated under New York States' drug laws being black and Latino, it's time for Gov. Eliot Spitzer to make good on his election promise to deliver real reform.