Stories by Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler is the award-winning author of The Vagina Monologues, and the founder and artistic director of V-Day, a global movement to end violence against women and girls ( subscribe to Eve Ensler's feed

Posted on: Jan 21, 2017, Source: The Guardian

Saturday's protests are about transforming our fear and sorrow into power and imagination.

Posted on: Mar 24, 2016, Source: AlterNet

This presidential election is America’s reckoning. What mighty love will we summon to ensure the ending of this violence, this hate?

Posted on: Oct 7, 2015, Source: La Repubblica

"I am thinking of religious fundamentalism and how many women have been raped in God's name and how many massacred and murdered."

Posted on: Jun 26, 2013, Source: Henry Holt, Metropolitan Books

An excerpt from her new book "In The Body of the World: A Memoir."

Posted on: Mar 2, 2012, Source: Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales speak with Eve Ensler, founder of V-Day, the global movement to end domestic violence, and the playwright behind "The Vagina Monologues."

Posted on: Nov 2, 2008, Source: Huffington Post

Eastern Congo is about to spin out of control and tumble into full-scale war. Let that be the place where this new era of hope starts.

Posted on: Feb 5, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Clinton-supporting feminists can do better than the "Either you're with us or you're against us" rhetoric.