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Eric Boehlert is a senior fellow at Media Matters for America and the author of "Lapdogs: How The Press Rolled Over for Bush." He can be reached at [email protected] subscribe to Eric Boehlert's feed

Posted on: Jan 21, 2015, Source: Media Matters

And it's only January!

Posted on: Jan 6, 2015, Source: Media Matters

The network spent days obsessing over a beheading allegedly performed by a convert to Islam.

Posted on: Dec 23, 2014, Source: Media Matters

Fox paid little attention to right-wing executions of law enforcement officers.

Posted on: Dec 17, 2014, Source: Media Matters

Political comedy usually doesn't work well when it's anchored in seething hatred or even casual contempt.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2014, Source: MediaMatters

What's behind this bizarre decision about an issue that affects millions and is said to be so controversial?

Posted on: Oct 20, 2014, Source: Media Matters for America

If Republicans want the media to remain relentlessly focused on the anxious Ebola storyline prior to Election Day, they're in luck.

Posted on: Oct 1, 2014, Source: Media Matters for America

We never hear about domestic, anti-government terrorism when it's committed by non-Muslims.

Posted on: Sep 26, 2014, Source: Media Matters

Politico recently caused an uproar when it singled out Gabrielle Giffords as a "ruthless attack dog."

Posted on: Aug 21, 2014, Source: Media Matters for America

Many believe that Obama is scared to discuss race, but it's much more complicated than that.

Posted on: Jun 4, 2014, Source: Media Matters

Fox News transformed the prisoner swap into a vicious partisan issue.

Posted on: May 8, 2014, Source: Media Matters

As Benghazi Fever grips the overly-eager GOP, an all-scandal wedge strategy is revealed with stark Clinton-era similarities.

Posted on: May 2, 2014, Source: Media Matters

The conservative talk show host's KEIB is a ratings disaster, coming in 37th place in the U.S.' second largest radio market.

Posted on: Apr 10, 2014, Source: Media Matters

Three big right-wing publications are finally being taken to task.

Posted on: Jan 9, 2014, Source: MediaMatters

The mainstream media has been sweet talking New Jersey's vindictive, dishonest governor for years.

Posted on: Oct 9, 2013, Source: Media Matters

A mainstream media narrative that has emerged is that radical Republicans have become increasingly brazen because they have "safe seats." It's a flawed narrative.

Posted on: Aug 8, 2013, Source: Media Matters

Contract battles are a turning point in Limbaugh's broadcast trajectory.

Posted on: Jul 18, 2013, Source: Media Matters

Apalling behavior has been on display for some time.

Posted on: Jun 29, 2013, Source: AlterNet

The New York Times' Ross Douthat claims that curbing gun violence is a silly "pet" cause of liberal elites.

Posted on: Apr 28, 2013, Source: Media Matters

Fox's ugly religious attacks represent a brazen display of bigotry and bullying.

Posted on: Apr 22, 2013, Source: Media Matters

What a week the right-wing media had -- especially conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck.