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Posted on: Jun 21, 2010, Source: AlterNet

Fed up with Internet monopoly, cities have begun to take things into their own hands.

Posted on: Apr 30, 2010, Source: AlterNet

"Corporations are not people. Money is not speech." These are fundamental truths that our nation needs to remember -- and add to the Constitution.

Posted on: Apr 14, 2010, Source: AlterNet

The vast majority of current tax breaks are fundamentally unjust and destructive. The good news is this harm can be easily alleviated, if we have the political will.

Posted on: Dec 27, 2009, Source: AlterNet

Its first plus is that it's 39 pages compared to Waxman-Markey's 1,500 pages, and it just gets better from there.

Posted on: Oct 1, 2009, Source: AlterNet

Happily, a new climate bill drafted by Sen. Maria Cantwell may change both the nature of the debate and its outcome.

Posted on: Sep 22, 2009, Source: AlterNet

The real purpose of the right's attacks on ACORN is to destroy a remarkably successful 50-year-old grassroots model for defending the poor and workers.

Posted on: Jun 5, 2009, Source: AlterNet

The new climate bill exemplifies a Republican approach: Don't tell polluters what to do, bribe them and hope they do what you want.

Posted on: Feb 5, 2009, Source: AlterNet

Obama's plan for a "national smart" grid needs closer examination. An expanded national grid would be anything but smart.

Posted on: Dec 14, 2008, Source: AlterNet

If Obama wants to set America on a new path, he needs to make clear what that path is.

Posted on: Oct 28, 2008, Source: AlterNet

This happened before, in 1981. But this time the renewable energy industry is in better shape for a fight.

Posted on: Oct 22, 2008, Source: AlterNet

It's not so much about their goals as the tools they would use to reach those goals.

Posted on: Oct 8, 2008, Source: AlterNet

The new bailout plan passed by Congress may have put the nail in the coffin on Pickens' dangerous energy proposal.

Posted on: Sep 14, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Palin is trying to appeal to the self-reliant, anti-government voters while her state is the most dependent on government pork.

Posted on: Aug 19, 2008, Source: AlterNet

But so far, Democrats have been refusing to accept the gift.

Posted on: Aug 1, 2008, Source: AlterNet

Renewables won't give us energy independence unless that electricity is used as a substitute for oil in our transportation system.

Posted on: Mar 23, 2008, Source: AlterNet

All the gory details, as one of NYC's greatest buildings will be named after Stephen Schwarzman, poster child for the greedy hedge fund era.

Posted on: Jan 6, 2008, Source: AlterNet

NAFTA failures; deregulation of banking and ENRON's rise; "Welfare Reform" that led to more poor people. This and more is what the Clintons gave us.

Posted on: Dec 2, 2007, Source: AlterNet

The new book <i>Breakthrough</i> believes we need hope to counteract environmentalists' dreary pessimism. But is this new "politics of hope" actually hopeful?

Posted on: Sep 10, 2007, Source: AlterNet

Those who say eating local is not always the best choice for the planet are forgetting one very important part of the equation: community.

Posted on: Jun 12, 2007, Source: AlterNet

In the last few years, the environmental community has begun attacking corn-derived ethanol. Although imperfect, there are reasons to give ethanol a fair trial.

Posted on: Mar 11, 2007, Source: AlterNet

These days, everyone thinks that carbon trading is the solution to our climate crisis -- from Congress members to Al Gore to the folks organizing the Oscars. Here's why they are wrong and what we can do instead.

Posted on: Feb 19, 2007, Source: AlterNet

Why do we skew tax breaks to favor richer people and more profitable businesses? There is a way to avoid incentive inequity.

Posted on: Jan 8, 2007, Source: AlterNet

George Monbiot's new book <i>Heat</i> picks up where Al Gore left off on global warming, offering real solutions without sugar-coating the large personal sacrifices they will require.

Posted on: Jan 4, 2007, Source: AlterNet

In his new book <i>Capitalism 3.0</i>, Peter Barnes writes that the costs of our current capitalist system are clear: inequality, stressful lives and a dwindling financial safety net. But how do we revise such a complex system?

Posted on: Oct 25, 2006, Source: AlterNet

When it comes to standing up to Bush and other conservative bullies, Ah-nold is a girly-man.

Posted on: Oct 1, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Four years ago this month, one of our biggest political assets was taken from us. Today, more than ever, American politics suffers from his absence.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The prohibition against using the flag for advertising purposes, as every American will discover on July 4, is universally ignored. It's time to enforce the Flag Code.

Posted on: Apr 20, 2006, Source: AlterNet

The future is here -- and it's a plug-in, flexible-fuel hybrid car that would transform the way we live and drive today.

Posted on: Apr 12, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Thanks to NAFTA's success, the flood of illegal immigration is up and the standard of living of the average Mexican is down.

Posted on: Feb 13, 2006, Source: AlterNet

As the violence over the cartoons expands, we are no closer to defining the boundaries of free speech in an age of growing religious fundamentalism.

Posted on: Jan 29, 2006, Source: AlterNet

Eight months ago, the Dems agreed to filibuster future Supreme Court nominees only in 'extraordinary circumstances' -- like right now.

Posted on: Dec 18, 2005, Source: AlterNet

From sperm to zygote to fetus to baby, isn't it time we brought some precision to the language of the reproductive rights debate?

Posted on: Nov 16, 2005, Source: AlterNet

In Paine's version of 'intelligent design,' science and religion are inextricably linked; in the Kansas school board's definition, they are adversaries.

Posted on: Nov 2, 2005, Source: AlterNet

If ever there was a time for government to step in and restrain unbridled corporate greed for the social good, this is it.

Posted on: Oct 2, 2005, Source: AlterNet

There's a stark difference in the way the U.S. confronted an oil crisis when Democrats were in control, compared to the way it has now that Republicans dominate.

Posted on: Sep 14, 2005, Source: AlterNet

In the last quarter-century, the rate of bankruptcy among air carriers has been as much as 10 times higher than that of the general business community.

Posted on: Aug 3, 2005, Source: AlterNet

If Americans knew precisely how the two parties vote on ideological bills like CAFTA and gun control, they could reshape politics. Too bad the parties -- much less the media -- won't tell them.

Posted on: Jul 12, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The energy bills now before the Senate and the House may be wrongheaded, irrelevant, costly and destructive -- but that's not the Democrats' fault.

Posted on: Jul 6, 2005, Source: AlterNet

The central question at the heart of the eminent domain debate is, how much do we value community?

Posted on: Jun 30, 2005, Source: AlterNet

Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry would have found Bush's brand of patriotism unfathomable -- and even, perhaps, treasonable.