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Posted on: Oct 15, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Under present economic and government policy, more and more people will fall deeper into debt and extreme poverty.

Posted on: Aug 22, 2014, Source:

The systematic exploitation of a majority of the population will continue without redress.

Posted on: Aug 22, 2014, Source:

The economy has become systemically corrupt.

Posted on: Sep 16, 2013, Source: Evolve Society

The famed 99% meme that the movement blazed into mainstream consciousness still lives on in the mass mind, like a festering infected thorn in the side of Goliath.

Posted on: Sep 18, 2011, Source: Amped Status

Downward mobility, homelessness spreading to the middle class, 200,000 public employees laid off? Here are some frightening trends to keep an eye on.

Posted on: Aug 14, 2011, Source: Amped Status

Americans have made up for the decline in income by taking on large amounts of debt.

Posted on: Aug 14, 2011, Source: Amped Status

With an unprecedented sum of wealth held within the top one-tenth of one percent of the US population, we now have the most severe inequality of wealth in US history.

Posted on: Aug 11, 2011, Source: Amped Status

The economic elite have at least $46 trillion in wealth – but who are they? We look at the people and the industries picking the pockets of the working class.

Posted on: Sep 22, 2010, Source: AlterNet

The shocking poverty statistics released last week tell only part of the story.

Posted on: Jun 15, 2010, Source:

Four ways to see the true drivers of current wars around the world.

Posted on: May 10, 2010, Source: Amped Status

In a market where 70 percent of all trades are executed by computer algorithms via High Frequency Trading, Goldman Sachs has the power to make the market crash or rise at will.

Posted on: Apr 18, 2010, Source: Amped Status

You and I are working our asses off, paying 30% of our limited income in taxes. Not the banks that triggered the financial crisis.

Posted on: Mar 11, 2010, Source: Amped Status

The Business Roundtable, an organization representing Fortune 500 CEOs, is at the heart of the Economic Elite's power center.

Posted on: Feb 16, 2010, Source: Amped Status

The U.S. already had the highest inequality of wealth in the industrialized world prior to the financial crisis -- and it's gotten even worse.

Posted on: Feb 14, 2010, Source: Amped Status

The economic elite have robbed us all. The amount of suffering in the United States of America is literally a crime against humanity.

Posted on: Dec 8, 2009, Source: Amped Status

Increasing numbers of deployed soldiers, mercenaries and drones all add up to Obama being more of a war president than Bush, in terms of hard numbers.

Posted on: Nov 21, 2009, Source: Amped Status

Are we nearing a tipping point as rapacious elites push a heavily armed populace too far?

Posted on: Apr 16, 2009, Source: Amped Status

Just think what we wouldn't have had to endure if we had this kind of coverage of the 2000 election, Iraq, spying and the list goes on.