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David Corn is the Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones and the co-author of Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War and is the author of The Lies of George W. Bush. He writes a blog at subscribe to David Corn's feed

Posted on: Aug 4, 2004, Source:

When Republicans fret, they tend to lash out. Desperate times call for desperate negative ads.

Posted on: Jul 30, 2004, Source: The Nation

With his Big Speech, Kerry changes the political meaning of Vietnam and positions himself well for the battle ahead.

Posted on: Jul 29, 2004, Source: The Nation

Edwards' keynote on Wednesday night lacked the spark of his speeches during the primaries.

Posted on: Jul 28, 2004, Source: The Nation

"Even when a decisive election is only three months away, there still is time and opportunity for politicians (and their handicappers in the media) to gaze further down the road."

Posted on: Jul 27, 2004, Source: The Nation

Bush, that is. And that is not the question. For it has already been answered. And the answer is, no. But not exactly.

Posted on: Jul 26, 2004, Source: The Nation

The Democrats enter Boston on-message: unity and energy. The funny thing is, it seems to be true.

Posted on: Jul 23, 2004, Source: The Nation

Want to know why the conservatives are going after Joe Wilson? Just read the Wall Street Journal.

Posted on: Jul 23, 2004, Source: The Nation

The 9/11 Report confirms many of the preliminary findings that shed a dark light on the actions of the Bush administration.

Posted on: Jul 19, 2004, Source: The Nation

Republicans are using the Senate Intelligence Committee report to settle scores with former Ambassador for embarrassing the President. That he is also John Kerry's foreign policy advisor doesn't hurt.

Posted on: Jul 1, 2004, Source: The Nation

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof says President is no liar; he just stretches the truth. Maybe he needs to consult the dictionary.

Posted on: Jun 23, 2004, Source: The Nation

The editors of The New Republic, unabashed in their support for the Iraq war, sort of, not entirely, regret their cheerleading.

Posted on: Jun 21, 2004, Source: AlterNet

In a new edition of his book, David Corn wonders how civil should debate be if the president is not telling the truth about life-and-death issues.

Posted on: Jun 14, 2004, Source: The Nation

The current Reagan-mania undercuts the old conservative bromide that the media are dishonest bastions filled to the brim with liberals.

Posted on: Jun 5, 2004, Source: The Nation

From the firing of the air traffic controllers to Fawn Hall to massacres in El Salvador, it's worthwhile keeping this list in mind when the hagiography of Ronald Reagan reaches fever pitch.

Posted on: Jun 3, 2004, Source: The Nation

George Tenet should have submitted his resignation or been fired after 9/11, and then again after it became clear there were few, if any, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Posted on: May 2, 2004, Source: The Nation

Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson talks about the CIA leak of his wife's identity, the war in Iraq and his new book.

Posted on: Apr 27, 2004, Source: The Nation

The Iraqi security forces constantly touted by the Bush administration are only slightly more real than Saddam's WMD.

Posted on: Apr 18, 2004, Source: The Nation

Bob Woodward's new book depicts a president who shuns responsibility, critical thinking and self-doubt, and instead mistakes stubbornness for leadership.

Posted on: Apr 12, 2004, Source: The Nation

The 527 controversy demonstrates that critics of the McCain-Feingold measure were to some extent right: Try to dam the stream of campaign dollars and it will flow elsewhere.

Posted on: Apr 1, 2004, Source: The Nation

According to the newly installed public editor of the New York Times, op-ed columnists have the divine right to make false assertions.

Posted on: Mar 2, 2004, Source: The Nation

1) Conventional wisdom rules the day; 2) it's no sin to be electable; and 3) after 9/11, America wants a grown-up at the wheel.

Posted on: Feb 5, 2004, Source: The Nation

Tim Russert will have much to ask Bush about. Did he decided to use military force against Iraq before 9/11? Where are the WMDs he insisted were there?

Posted on: Jan 28, 2004, Source: The Nation

Is Dean filing for divorce? By turning to Roy Neel to save his campaign, Dean is not breaking new ground in American politics.

Posted on: Jan 20, 2004, Source: The Nation

In George Bush's confident State of the Union speech, he continued his slippery ways.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2003, Source: LA Weekly

What did Bush know about the al Qaeda threat and when did he know it?

Posted on: Sep 24, 2003, Source: The Nation

Bush lied about WMD, but that's not his only lie. David Corn's new book "The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception" tracks the president's long trail of deceit.

Posted on: Sep 17, 2003, Source: AlterNet

AlterNet regular David Corn's book "The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception" hits the stores next week. We're hearing a lot about Bush lies, and Corn tells us what it all means in his own words.

Posted on: Jul 24, 2003, Source: The Nation

The Bush Administration is refusing to tell the public what intelligence the president saw before attacks about the threat posed by Al Qaeda.

Posted on: Jul 8, 2003, Source: The Nation

Former CIA deputy director Richard Kerr admits that the CIA's prewar intelligence on WMD was ambiguous at best and that claims of ties between al Qaeda and Saddam were unfounded.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2003, Source: The Nation

Led by titans of the Beltway, the 'bipartisan' 9/11 Commission is out to prove it's not hopelessly compromised.

Posted on: May 11, 2003, Source: The Nation

The White House has reported little in its efforts to prevent WMD-related material from being given to or snatched by terrorists. Yet the hunt remains less than intense.

Posted on: May 1, 2003, Source: The Nation

With Baghdad conquered, the fog of prewar has started to clear, revealing an administration unready to deal with the consequences of military victory.

Posted on: May 1, 2003, Source: The Nation

The president's expensive, dangerous p.r. move ignores his, um, spotty record in the National Guard. <b>Also by Corn: <A HREF="">Postwar Truths and Consequences</A>.</b>

Posted on: Apr 27, 2003, Source: The Nation

The obvious question is, where are the weapons of mass destruction that supposedly prompted the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz quartet to invade Iraq

Posted on: Apr 2, 2003, Source: The Nation

The ideology-driven optimism of the Bush's neoconservative advisors helped pave the way for a failed military strategy. Post-war plans will require humility and understanding to ensure success.

Posted on: Mar 30, 2003, Source: The Nation

Does the man beating on Saddam with a shoe want the same thing as George Bush? If not, whose desires will win out?

Posted on: Dec 19, 2002, Source: AlterNet

Even as commentators anticipate a possible January date for war on Iraq, Bush is still crafting his justification for an attack.

Posted on: Dec 12, 2002, Source: AlterNet

The notorious CIA man is gone, but the story of his career lives on as a cautionary lesson for an era shaped by a secret war on terrorism.

Posted on: Dec 5, 2002, Source: AlterNet

Oh wise man Kissinger, in your public life you have been caught lying. As an experienced prevaricator, are you in a better position to ferret out the lies of other government officials?

Posted on: Nov 27, 2002, Source:

The Bush administration wants to honor victims of 9/11 with a commission headed by the poster child for the worst abuses of state power.