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Posted on: Feb 11, 2013, Source: Democracy Now

Expert says Dorner's manifesto contains "troubling allegations."

Posted on: Jan 23, 2008, Source: Davey D's Hip-Hop Corner

Bob Johnson should leave politics to someone else.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2002, Source: The Black World Today

Pioneering musician Jam Master Jay joins the list of rap artists whose lives met an untimely and violent end.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2002, Source: Pacific News Service

A popular Black disc jockey reflects on Jam Master Jay and tries to find space to mourn in the midst of a community wracked by violence and a country that devalues Black life. PNS contributor Davey D ([email protected]) is a radio DJ, hip-hop scholar and youth advocate.

Posted on: Dec 17, 2001, Source: FNV Newsletter

All eyes are on John Walker the young Bay Area native-turned Taliban soldier. And while the press continues to dig up all kinds of things about this 20-year old's teen years, his path towards fundamentalism is being seen as deeply connected to his taste in music. In his latest newsletter, radio personality and hip hop guru Davey D. wonders: Will hip hop culture once again take the rap?

Posted on: Jul 31, 2001, Source: Pop and Politics

People are still smoldering over J-Lo's and her new song "I'm Real," in which she uses the N word. What are the consequences when such an offensive word is all but commonplace?