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Posted on: Jul 30, 2009, Source: Nation Books

A culture that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion dies. A visit to a Las Vegas porn convention reveals we are dying now.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2009, Source: Truthdig

The confusion of purpose in Afghanistan mirrors the confusion on the ground. We are embroiled in a civil war.

Posted on: Jul 15, 2009, Source: Truthdig

The hubbub around Michael Jackson's death was orchestrated by the same corporate forces that drove him insane.

Posted on: Jul 13, 2009, Source: Truthdig

If you defraud banks and customers of billions, you get taxpayer money. But if you are poor like Tearyan Brown of Trenton, N.J., you are in trouble.

Posted on: Jun 29, 2009, Source: Truthdig

Progressives must embrace emotion and passion to counter the force of corporate propaganda.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2009, Source: Truthdig

Iranians do not need or want us to teach them about liberty and representative government. It is we who need to be taught.

Posted on: Jun 8, 2009, Source: Truthdig

What do words of peace and cooperation mean from us when we torture -- yes, we still torture -- Muslims?

Posted on: May 25, 2009, Source: Truthdig

A massive natural gas project could pollute fresh water supplies for New York, Philadelphia, Camden and Trenton, and other areas.

Posted on: May 18, 2009, Source: Truthdig

The embrace by any society of permanent war is a parasite that devours the heart and soul of a nation.

Posted on: May 11, 2009, Source: Truthdig

The U.S. has killed twice as many Afghan civilians as the Taliban this year and that number is sure to rise.

Posted on: Apr 6, 2009, Source: Truthdig

If we don't stop the rapacious looting of the public treasury, we'll be left with trillions in debts and a robust police state.

Posted on: Mar 30, 2009, Source: Truthdig

The trial and imprisonment of the university professor has been capricious, inept and overtly racist every step of the way.

Posted on: Mar 27, 2009, Source: Truthdig

Unless we take hold of the reins we will be cursed with a more ruthless form of corporate power wielded through naked repression.

Posted on: Mar 10, 2009, Source: Truthdig

Cutting back on fossil fuels, shutting down our coal plants, and building seas of wind turbines, will be useless unless we nip population growth.

Posted on: Feb 16, 2009, Source: Truthdig

The Director of National Intelligence argued that Wall Street, rather than Islamic jihad, has produced our most dangerous terrorists.

Posted on: Feb 12, 2009, Source: Truthdig

Our celebrity-centered culture plunges us into a moral void. It offers the illusion of immortality and promotes self-love over the common good.

Posted on: Feb 3, 2009, Source: Truthdig

The economic crisis could plunge the U.S. into a long period of social instability. Our democracy is in peril; the threat of totalitarianism is real.

Posted on: Dec 30, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Israel is using hunger and terror to break a hostile population -- it will pay a huge price down the road.

Posted on: Dec 15, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Israel's siege of Gaza rivals the worst crimes carried out at the height of South African apartheid.

Posted on: Dec 9, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Don't expect the so-called experts to fix it either. They can't. They are loyal to the decaying political and financial systems that empowered them.

Posted on: Nov 26, 2008, Source: Truthdig

The swelling numbers waiting outside homeless shelters and food pantries around the country have grown by at least 30 percent since the summer.

Posted on: Nov 11, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Millions of Americans live in a non-reality-based belief system informed by childish cliches - they can barely differentiate between lies and truth.

Posted on: Sep 1, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Barack Obama's health care plan coddles the corporations that profit from the misery and illnesses of tens of millions of Americans.

Posted on: Aug 26, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Mounting NATO bombing raids and widespread detentions of Afghans are rapidly turning the country into the mirror image of Iraq.

Posted on: Aug 4, 2008, Source: Truthdig

A war with Iran would ruin our economy and finally kill off our weakened, anemic democracy.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2008, Source: Truthdig

The decline of newspapers is about the rise of the corporate state, the loss of civic and responsibility to inform the public.

Posted on: Jul 11, 2008, Source: LA Times

The new FISA law uses terrorism as a pretext to permit wholesale spying and would seriously cripple our free press.

Posted on: Jun 25, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Unlike the media's Brokaws and Blitzers, real journalists don't have cozy relationships with the powerful. Real journalists are feared.

Posted on: Jun 5, 2008, Source:

We have embarked on an occupation that is as damaging to our souls as to our prestige and power and security.

Posted on: Jun 2, 2008, Source: Truthdig

In a dramatic speech, Chris Hedges warns that the nation is on the verge of becoming a full-blown corporate state.

Posted on: Apr 29, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Obama’s campaign message, filled with lofty promises of change and hope, is also filled with repeated reassurances to the corporate elite.

Posted on: Mar 21, 2008, Source: Free Press

From demonizing Muslims to believing we can use science for our own moral advancement, the New Atheists preach a dangerous faith.

Posted on: Mar 9, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Imprisoned Palestinian activist Sami Amin Al-Arian was found not guilty in court, yet seems the victim of a plan to keep him jailed indefinitely.

Posted on: Feb 27, 2008, Source: Truthdig

The U.S. is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to pay the salaries of some 600,000 gunmen in the three rival ethnic camps in Iraq.

Posted on: Feb 11, 2008, Source: Truthdig

Christian extremists are preaching a war against tolerance to target and persecute all Muslims, including the 6 million who live in the U.S.

Posted on: Jan 22, 2008, Source: Truthdig

The U.S., the only country with the power to intervene, has become an accessory to murder.

Posted on: Jan 18, 2008, Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

The resilient 2008 candidate attacks the "inside game between competing corporate interests" in U.S. politics.

Posted on: Jan 14, 2008, Source: The Nation

With House Resolution 888, the religious right seeks to rewrite American history, turning the founding fathers into Christian fundamentalists.

Posted on: Nov 26, 2007, Source: The Nation

I will not pay my income tax if Bush and Cheney go to war with Iran.

Posted on: Nov 12, 2007, Source: Truthdig

When military command is the voice of reason in a debate about a new war, you know our democracy is in trouble.