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Chris Bowers was a full-time editor at MyDD from May 2004 until June 2007. Some of his projects have included the creation of the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, the first scientifically random poll of progressive netroots activists, the Use It Or Lose It campaign, the nation's most accurate forecast of Democratic house pickups in 2006, and the 2006 Googlebomb the Elections campaign. subscribe to Chris Bowers's feed

Posted on: Oct 14, 2008, Source: Open Left

The macro political ramifications of a massive Democratic rout.

Posted on: Sep 29, 2008, Source: Open Left

When CEOs start talking like this.

Posted on: Aug 29, 2008, Source: Open Left

Palin on the position she has been nominated for " ... what is it exactly that the V.P. does every day?"

Posted on: Aug 19, 2008, Source: Open Left

Several nights of party messaging on several television channels really does change voter opinion.

Posted on: Aug 15, 2008, Source: Open Left

Rev. Rick Warren will ask both the candidates "heartland questions" this Saturday.

Posted on: Aug 13, 2008, Source: Open Left

"Cool stuff. Very useful and informative. I wish there were more open-ended polls like this."

Posted on: Aug 12, 2008, Source: Open Left

What a great pick Gen. Wes Clark would be.

Posted on: Aug 11, 2008, Source: Open Left

Copying your report on a subject directly from an encyclopedia is something most people are encouraged to stop doing in, oh, about the sixth grade.

Posted on: Aug 8, 2008, Source: Open Left

So, instead of mocking them, perhaps I should be worried about their growing online activist army. Just kidding.

Posted on: Aug 1, 2008, Source: Open Left

If Clinton had submitted her name for nomination, it would have brought up the whole "Democrats divided" narrative again.

Posted on: Jul 30, 2008, Source: Open Left

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has "told close associates that he has had 'very serious' conversations with Obama."

Posted on: Jun 4, 2008, Source: Open Left

Here are the four keys to Obama's victory.

Posted on: Jun 2, 2008, Source: Open Left

Cutting through the spin in the popular vote count.

Posted on: May 27, 2008, Source: Open Left

Is Barr McCain's Perot?

Posted on: May 19, 2008, Source: Open Left

The Republicans are hoping to co-opt the Democratic message to stem their losses in November.

Posted on: May 13, 2008, Source: Open Left

The Hill asks 97 Senators whether or not they would accept an offer to be their party's Vice Presidential nominee.

Posted on: May 6, 2008, Source: Open Left

In what ways is the contemporary progressive movement directly altering the way people interact with major institutions in our society?

Posted on: Apr 22, 2008, Source: Open Left

Bill Clinton grabs at straws.

Posted on: Apr 8, 2008, Source: Open Left

Is there anything for us to "win" in Iraq?

Posted on: Apr 3, 2008, Source: Open Left

It appears that Obama is imminently poised to take the superdelegate lead even before Pennsylvania.

Posted on: Mar 25, 2008, Source: Open Left

Do we really need to be telling other people where they are praying? Is that a pandora's box we really want to open in this country?

Posted on: Mar 24, 2008, Source: Open Left

We have become death, the destroyer of worlds. There is nothing we could ever do in Iraq that will be worth these costs.

Posted on: Mar 21, 2008, Source: Open Left

The story has obviously hurt Obama in the polls on at least a temporary basis, and even may have hurt his chances of ever becoming President.

Posted on: Mar 19, 2008, Source: Open Left

The idea that war spending is bad for the economy is also, brilliantly enough, exactly the message we need to win in 2008

Posted on: Mar 14, 2008, Source: Open Left

Her campaign needs to adopt thus damaging rhetoric, but that is not the same thing as asking her to drop out.

Posted on: Mar 11, 2008, Source: Open Left

Barack Obama takes 91% of the black vote and a 22 point lead over Hillary Clinton with 98% of the vote in.

Posted on: Mar 8, 2008, Source: Open Left

Looks like Obama's strength in caucuses is continuing.

Posted on: Mar 7, 2008, Source: Open Left

No one's hands are clean on this front, and mainly it is a tragedy that as Democrats we are buying into these attacks.

Posted on: Mar 7, 2008, Source: Open Left

Clinton's hawkish foreign policy has always been a reason why I leaned toward other candidates in the nomination campaign.

Posted on: Mar 5, 2008, Source: Open Left

Obama is the favorite, but Ohio and Texas made it clear he hasn't positioned a clear majority of the Democratic coalition behind him yet.

Posted on: Mar 4, 2008, Source: Open Left

Is conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper trying to sabotage Barack Obama's campaign?

Posted on: Feb 29, 2008, Source: Open Left

I may be moving ahead of the discussion a little bit, but I have always found that in order to help frame a discussion it is important to start early.

Posted on: Feb 28, 2008, Source: Open Left

Military spending and incarceration rates are also both cornerstones of the booming Republican public sector economy.

Posted on: Feb 27, 2008, Source: Open Left

At some point it is probably a good idea for the blogosphere to become involved in a primary challenge against a member of the progressive caucus.

Posted on: Feb 26, 2008, Source: Open Left

A McCain nomination has the potential to reopen a rift amongst Republicans not seen since the early 1990s success of Pat Buchanan.

Posted on: Feb 25, 2008, Source: Open Left

Such a large change in a major ideological institution in America, religion, necessarily results in a major shift in American ideology in general.

Posted on: Feb 25, 2008, Source: Open Left

Casting yourself in the role of the media idiot progressive can seriously damage the life's work even of a one-time giant like Nader.

Posted on: Feb 21, 2008, Source: Open Left

Kucinich brought the opening for a primary challenge upon himself by running for President again.

Posted on: Feb 21, 2008, Source: Open Left

It is pretty hilarious to see a "news" outlet issue an attack story on another news outlet for a story that outlet published only three hours earlier.

Posted on: Feb 19, 2008, Source: Open Left

With 96% reporting, Obama leads Clinton in WI 58% to 41%. Also, in case you missed it, McCain won Wisconsin tonight, too.