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Posted on: Mar 4, 2016, Source: Salon

Prominent defenders of public schools are warning the Senate not to confirm John King.

Posted on: Feb 28, 2016, Source: Salon

Tulsi Gabbard left the Democratic National Committee, which has been accused of pro-Hillary bias, to support Bernie.

Posted on: Feb 18, 2016, Source: Salon

Critics say the unelected superdelegate system is rigged. Debbie Wasserman Schultz basically admitted this is true.

Posted on: Feb 18, 2016, Source: Salon

An exhaustive study shows privatization is more expensive, despite the right-wing's insistence to the contrary.

Posted on: Feb 8, 2016, Source: Salon

Ramarley Graham was killed four years ago in New York City. His family continues protesting, calling for justice.

Posted on: Jan 28, 2016, Source: Salon

Chomsky is only covered when he discusses partisan politics; his foreign policy criticism is ignored. He agrees.

Posted on: Jan 20, 2016, Source: Salon

As Sanders catches up to Hillary in the polls, corporate media circles the wagons as expected.

Posted on: Jan 14, 2016, Source: Salon

0.1% of Americans have as much wealth as the bottom 90%. It's time to stop saying "middle class"; it does not exist.

Posted on: Jan 9, 2016, Source: Salon

If the armed gunmen weren’t white, or if they were leftists, there would have been a raid by now.

Posted on: Jan 4, 2016, Source: Salon

A look at the role of the U.S. in a dismal year marked by war and violence

Posted on: Dec 29, 2015, Source: Salon

Outrage after 55-year-old and 19-year-old "accidentally" shot dead by cops in Chicago.

Posted on: Dec 18, 2015, Source: Salon

Wheaton College put the hijab-wearing Dr. Larycia Hawkins on administrative leave citing "theological implications".

Posted on: Dec 9, 2015, Source: Salon

In his anti-Muslim jihad, "New Atheist" prophet Sam Harris openly aligns with far-right politicians like Ben Carson.

Posted on: Dec 7, 2015, Source: Salon

The U.S. tried to help topple Venezuela's elected leftist government in 2002; now the right wing won an election.

Posted on: Dec 6, 2015, Source: Salon

Trafficking is on the rise in largest refugee crisis since WWII. Struggling Syrians have resorted to selling organs.

Posted on: Dec 5, 2015, Source: Salon

"We are just fueling our enemies" warns a French reporter who was held captive by the extremist group for 10 months.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2015, Source: Salon

We talk democracy, then overthrow elected governments and prop up awful regimes. Let's discuss the actual history.

Posted on: Nov 14, 2015, Source: Salon

If the political cycle is not changed, the cycle of violence will continue.

Posted on: Oct 16, 2015, Source: Salon

For 13 years, Fox News presented Wayne Simmons as a CIA officer. He's now indicted as a fraud. Let's recap his lies.

Posted on: Oct 14, 2015, Source: Salon

New transcript of Rand at West Point in '74 enthusiastically defends extermination of Native Americans.