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Posted on: May 19, 2010, Source: The Nation

Passing a law to add an emergency "public safety" exception to Miranda warnings would further erode our core civil liberties for the sake of cheap political point-scoring.

Posted on: Jan 28, 2010, Source:

There is no evidence that racial or ethnic profiling decreases terrorism. Instead, it alienates the very constituencies that are needed to prevail against terrorist plots.

Posted on: Oct 23, 2008, Source: Asia Times

How will the United States deal with the uncertainty surrounding its present declining fortunes?

Posted on: Oct 7, 2008, Source: The Nation

Months after it granted habeas rights to Gitmo prisoners, the Supreme Court's decision has yet to translate into concrete results.

Posted on: Jun 21, 2008, Source: The Nation

On fundamental matters of privacy and accountability, the new FISA Amendments Act reduces the separation of powers to a check-the-box exercise.

Posted on: May 15, 2008, Source: The Nation

When it comes to Guantánamo, the most pressing problem is not how to "store" dangerous prisoners; it is the fate of those who are innocent.

Posted on: Feb 14, 2008, Source: Middle East Online

The Bush Administration is secretly ensuring that the misbegotten policies of the past eight years will haunt the next President.

Posted on: Aug 27, 2007, Source: The Nation

The resignation of Alberto Gonzales has brought a smile to the faces of many Bush Administration critics, but will it bring real change?

Posted on: Aug 8, 2007, Source:

The Bush Administration has successfully forced on Congress a law that largely authorizes open-ended surveillance of Americans' overseas phone calls and e-mails. How did they do it?

Posted on: Jun 12, 2007, Source: The Nation

The Military Commissions Act threatens more than terror suspects at Gitmo. It is the spearhead of a long-term incursion on all our civil liberties and it must be rolled back.

Posted on: Sep 29, 2006, Source: Huffington Post

You -- citizen or non-citizen, resident of Topeka or Timbuktu -- can become an "unlawful enemy combatant."

Posted on: Jan 25, 2006, Source: The American Prospect

One of the few Western journalists to interview bin Laden debunks myths surrounding the al Qaeda leader, the Iraq war and U.S. vulnerability to terrorism.