Stories by Angi Becker Stevens

Angi Becker Stevens is a fiction writer whose work has appeared in many print and online literary magazines, in addition to being anthologized in Best of the Web 2010 and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. As a member of The Organization For a Free Society, she organizes around all varieties of social justice, and is particularly involved in feminist and polyamorous activism. subscribe to Angi Becker Stevens's feed

Posted on: Dec 23, 2013, Source: xoJane

Yes, I love my husband, and yes, I love my boyfriend, too, and want to declare it in a ceremony.

Posted on: Aug 5, 2013, Source: Salon

Everyone wants to know how my polyamorous family works. You'd be surprised how normal we really are

Posted on: Nov 6, 2011, Source: RH Reality Check

Opposition to abortion today is about the same thing it has always been about: not the humanity and personhood of fetuses, but the humanity and personhood of women.