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Posted on: Jun 20, 2014, Source: AlterNet

“Those people don’t believe what they’re saying,” the civil liberties-focused journalist says.

Posted on: Jun 19, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Protesting on ceremonious days to make a bold statement.

Posted on: Jun 14, 2014, Source: AlterNet

“We should not be sending homeless people the message that they are pests who need to be warded off.”

Posted on: Jun 11, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Nell Bernstein discusses the harm and the horror of putting teenagers in prison.

Posted on: Jun 10, 2014, Source: AlterNet

The organizing director of 15 Now explains the tactics, obstacles and lessons learned from Seattle's fight for $15.

Posted on: May 29, 2014, Source: AlterNet

"It’s extremely important that people manifest in the streets. That this feeling is not allowed to be defused."

Posted on: May 29, 2014, Source: AlterNet

“This will be the finale, a big missing piece.”

Posted on: May 23, 2014, Source: AlterNet

A new report paints a disturbing picture of our unjust economy.

Posted on: May 22, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Critics says the film indicts the entire religion of Islam, not just the violent extremists responsible for the attack.

Posted on: May 21, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Lawsuits, divestments and weak sales—oh my!

Posted on: May 21, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Debbie and Chico Jimenez refuse to turn their backs on the hungry.

Posted on: May 17, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Last week, workers went on the largest fast-food strike in history. Could this be the civil rights movement of our time?

Posted on: May 7, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Here’s what headlines would look like if women weren’t treated like objects.

Posted on: May 6, 2014, Source: AlterNet

This is what a surgical abortion looks like: safe and simple.

Posted on: May 1, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Three McDonald's workers reveal how they survive, while fighting for higher wages and a union.

Posted on: Apr 25, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Meet Melinda Topel, a single mother with a college degree raising four children on poverty wages and no sick days.

Posted on: Apr 16, 2014, Source: AlterNet

New policies provide more hours and protect pregnant workers.

Posted on: Apr 15, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Walmart workers deliver a message about spreading the wealth.

Posted on: Apr 10, 2014, Source: AlterNet

What David Foster got wrong in his commentary in The Guardian about sexual freedom.

Posted on: Apr 4, 2014, Source: AlterNet

"You can’t go through that experience and not see on stark display how differently prisoners are treated."

Posted on: Apr 2, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Reproductive rights are hanging on by a hair in the Lone Star State.

Posted on: Mar 11, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Angela Corey is making sure this domestic violence victim will suffer as much as possible.

Posted on: Mar 8, 2014, Source: AlterNet

National People's Action breaks with tradition by openly confronting divisive racial topics.

Posted on: Feb 28, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Now this model citizen and father is paying for the court's mistake.

Posted on: Feb 13, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Ensler joins other activists to talk about the state of female justice before One Billion Rising events culminate Friday.

Posted on: Feb 8, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Want to scrub oil off of endangered species? Or make wigs for cancer survivors? A new satirical video exposes the lies about KXL job creation.

Posted on: Feb 6, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Donel Fuller is just one out of potentially millions discriminated against because of a criminal history. But the Ban the Box campaign is changing that—with a huge success this week.

Posted on: Jan 28, 2014, Source: AlterNet

How one artist's quest to challenge our perceptions led to these captivating photos of homeless people dressed and posed exactly how they wanted to be seen.

Posted on: Jan 25, 2014, Source: AlterNet

"It's not really masculinity conservatives love, anyway — it's bullying."

Posted on: Jan 24, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Q&A: The director of NPA describes their long-term plan to create a new economy and reclaim our democracy.

Posted on: Jan 17, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Reproductive freedom activists are organizing counter-protests to tell the truth about abortion.

Posted on: Jan 9, 2014, Source: AlterNet

California governor Jerry Brown attempts to deal with the state’s unconstitutional overcrowding problem by building more prisons.

Posted on: Dec 28, 2013, Source: AlterNet

There was plenty of pushback and protest against corruption and the abuse of power.

Posted on: Dec 13, 2013, Source: AlterNet

Robert Greenwald, director of “Unmanned: America's Drone Wars,” demands immediate response from Obama administration on the drone strike.

Posted on: Dec 12, 2013, Source: AlterNet

On the anniversary of Sandy Hook, Moms Demand Action intends to prove that mothers will never again be silent about gun violence.

Posted on: Dec 5, 2013, Source: AlterNet

McDonald’s tried to get rid of Jason Hughes because of his organizing, but he’s still fighting with thousands of others on this Fast Food National Day of Action.

Posted on: Nov 26, 2013, Source: AlterNet

A Walmart worker who was fired after taking part in the longest strike ever against the corporation continues to fight for his former co-workers.

Posted on: Nov 24, 2013, Source: AlterNet

As Black Friday protests near, a new report reveals Walmart can raise employee wages without costing consumers a dime.

Posted on: Nov 22, 2013, Source: AlterNet

Walmart workers are not backing down in their fight for better working conditions, and the nation is beginning to join them.

Posted on: Nov 22, 2013, Source: AlterNet

A new video shows the 20-year-old student screaming in pain after cops attacked him.