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Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Unhealthy Foods Engineered to Be Addictive

By Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet

Food scientists use dangerous chemicals to make you eat -- and buy -- more junk food.

Meet the Upstate New York Man Who Calmly Recorded Woman's Racist Rant [VIDEO]

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, News One

Narvell Benning, who recorded the now viral video, talks about staying cool under assault.

4 Things to Watch for in Season 2 of ‘Orange is the New Black’

By Jamilah King,

More than 200,000 women are behind bars in the U.S. and thanks to OITNB, the second season of which airs Friday, more people than ever are paying attention.

Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Poses a Direct Threat to Creationists Pushing Climate Change Suicide

By Dan Arel, AlterNet

Why wouldn't creationists try to save the earth they believe God created?

Why Don't More People Learn How to Apologize Like Jonah Hill? (VIDEO)

By Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

There's just one more little tiny thing he could do.

You Wouldn't Believe How Easily a Domestic Abuser Can Get a Gun

By Mara Kardas-Nelson, AlterNet

Elliot Rodger's crime has revived efforts to close legal loopholes that allow domestic abusers to keep guns.

What the Hell Is Wrong With America?

By Will Bunch, Huffington Post

Our loathsome politicians want to leave soldiers behind just to stick it to Obama?

WATCH: Jon Stewart Hilariously Blasts Open Carry Gun Loonies and the NRA

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

"Everyone is scared of gun nuts . . . even other gun nuts."

What Maureen Dowd and the Rest of Us Need to Know about Edible Marijuana

By Tony Newman, AlterNet

With Colorado and Washington legalizing pot, we're finding ourselves in new terrain.

The Steamiest, Pro-Woman Sex Scenes

By Tracy Clark-Flory, Salon

From "Blue Valentine" to "In the Cut," the most lady-powered love scenes Hollywood has to offer.

The Unbearable Psychic Burden Soldiers Carry

By Clancy Sigal, AlterNet

A large number of the men who stormed Utah Beach on D-Day 70 years ago also carried in their backpacks an invisible mental weight.

How Fast Food Companies Steal from Their Employees

By Jim Hightower, Other Words

Wage theft is disturbingly common at the workplace.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

4 Inconvenient Facts Conservatives Conveniently Ignore

By Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet

Rewriting history is standard operating procedure on the right.

Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris Are Old News: A Totally Different Atheism Is on the Rise

By Chris Hall, AlterNet

It's absurd to think these white males represent all organized atheism.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Abraham Lincoln Would 'Turn in His Grave' Over Modern Republican Climate Denialism

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

What's with the GOP's empty refrain: "I'm not a scientist"?

Robert Reich: GM Executives Should Be Prosecuted

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

Here's why corporations aren't people, and why they keep doing harm.

Laura Ingraham's Fear of Children—Inside Her Latest Xenophobic Assault

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

In Ingrahams's America, immigrant kids will destroy "our" way of life and take "our" jobs.

What Happens If Four Other New York Times Columnists—And Malcolm Gladwell—Get Really High?

By Sarah Jeong, The Guardian

Maureen Dowd is still off recovering today.

The Deeply Disturbing Truth About Street Harassment in America

By Hannah K. Gold, AlterNet

A new study sheds light on how public spaces are not safe spaces, especially for women.

Is Marriage Becoming a Luxury of the Rich?

By June Carbone and Naomi Cahn, Oxford University Press

Conservatives are dead wrong about why marriage is in decline. Research shows the poor simply can't afford it anymore.

Why I Came Out of the 'Good Girl' Closet At 50 and Started to Enjoy Casual Sex

By Erica Jagger, Huffington Post

I wasn't about to sit still for being slut-shamed and age-shamed on OKCupid.

The Day I Left My Son in the Car

By Kim Brooks, Salon

I made a split-second decision to run into the store. I had no idea it would consume the next years of my life.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Shreds GOP Hypocrisy on Climate Change and Bergdahl

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Trotting out Oliver North to comment on hostage exchanges, just another Fox low point.

Fox News' Vicious, Unhinged Attacks on a Military Family

By Eric Boehlert, Media Matters

Fox News transformed the prisoner swap into a vicious partisan issue.

What You Should Know About Face Recognition Technology Used by Police and Spy Agencies Like the NSA

By Tana Ganeva, AlterNet

New Snowden documents reveal NSA is using face recognition technology. Why are law enforcement and surveillance agencies so invested in the technology?

One Question You Could Ask a Sex Partner That Could Improve Your Sex Life

By Emily Heist Moss, Role Reboot

"The question he asked me before we had sex was perfect."

What Maureen Dowd's Absurd Weed Stunt Tells Us About Privileged White People

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, News One

"I find it ironic that the states (Colorado and Washington) with some of the least ethnically diverse populations have legalized the drug.

The Stories of these Two Babies Victimized by the War on Drugs Are Horrific

By Sharda Sekaran, AlterNet

One baby is in critical care after officers threw a stun grenade into his crib. The other is dead.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

After Taking on the Creationist Crazies, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Takes Aim at 'Untouchable' Capitalists

By Dan Arel, AlterNet

Tyson sets his sights on the deep drivers of climate change.

New Study: Walmart Scammed American Taxpayers for $104 Million by Giving Executives Obscene Bonuses

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

The company is a parasite sucking the country dry.

NRA Calls Out Texas Open Carry Activists For Giving Gun Groups Bad PR

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

New gun control efforts are forcing the NRA to change its strategy.

'Citizen Koch': The Movie About Our Sick Democracy PBS Tried to Kill

By Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

Dumped by public TV, this long-brewing documentary explores the Koch brothers, Wisconsin and the death of the GOP.

7 Most Ridiculous Ways Climate Deniers Are Losing It Over The New EPA Rules

By Brad Friedman, BradBlog

From 'peeing in the pool' to 'carbon emissions are green', the wacky responses from the fossil fuel-funded Heartland Institute.

The Manning Up Problem

By Khalil Bendib, Other Words

Oh, don't be a coward Edward Snowden.

WATCH: Thomas Piketty and Elizabeth Warren Discuss Why the Rich Get Richer and the Rest Get Shafted

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Piketty and Warren agree: we have the tools to stop rising inequality.

She-Hulk Is Not a 'Giant Green Porn Star': How Female Superheroes Become a Male Power Fantasy

By Noah Berlatsky, Salon

A recent interview with the "Man of Steel" screenwriter reflects the most dangerous aspect of comic book culture.

Our Economy Wants You to Be In Debt: 5 Things You Can Do to Take Charge

By Liz Pleasant, YES! Magazine

Here are some tips from the Debt Resisters' Operations Manual to help you get cope.

Are Diet Pills an Aggressively Marketed Scam?

By Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D. , The Huffington Post

It's time to put an end to health claims on foods and supplements.

Big Tobacco Planned on Big Pot Sales in the 70s—They Were Just Waiting for Legalization

By , AlterNet

Documents reveal they've viewed marijuana as both a rival and potential product.

6th Graders Seeking Payment for Taking Common Core Field Tests

By Valerie Strauss, The Answer Sheet

Massachusetts school students felt they should be compensated for field testing new practice exams.

Return to Angel Dust: PCP Is a Supporting Player in the Saga of Aaron Hernandez

By Nancy Wride, Elements Behavioral Health

PCP is making a comeback as a street drug.

The Release of Taliban Prisoners Proves Obama Can Close Gitmo

By Medea Benjamin, Alli McCracken, AlterNet

The president should be courageous and free the 77 prisoners cleared for release.

3 Ways the Destructive War On Afghanistan Will Continue Post-2014

By Alex Kane, AlterNet

Special Ops raids and reliance on brutal militias will wreak havoc in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Social Death Penalty: Why Being Ostracized Hurts Even More Than Bullying

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

In the wake of Elliot Rodger, questions about social rejection take on new urgency.

Noam Chomsky: A Surveillance State Beyond Imagination Is Being Created in One of the World's Freest Countries

By Noam Chomsky, AlterNet

A White House lawyer seems determined to demolish our civil liberties.

9 Questions Billionaires Disparagingly Ask About the People They Exploit

By Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch

How the 1% willfully misunderstands the 99%.

HILARIOUS VIDEO: Daily Show's Samantha Bee Tackles Epidemic of Anti-Vaxxer Idiocy

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Measles, mumps, whooping cough—they're all back!

The 33-year-old Virgin: Life Without Sex Is Only Torturous if You Let It Be

By Ray Gootz, Salon

I'm proof that normal guys can live without sex. No need to feel ashamed or alone.

Why Milk Alternatives from Soy, Almond, Flax and Hemp Are Increasingly Common on Supermarket Shelves

By Lauren Rothman, AlterNet

Dairy is starting to lose its stranglehold.

8 of the Most Absurd Reactions to Obamas's New Climate Change Rules

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

The say anything, deny everything, anti-science, right-wing crazies are at it again.

The Obama Admin Is the 'Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom' in at Least a Generation: 5 Prime Examples

By Alex Kane, AlterNet

The Obama administration is trying to force New York Times journalist James Risen to reveal a source.

What 'Maleficent' Tells Us About the Future of Female Movie Protagonists

By Neil Drumming, Salon

Angelina Jolie's blockbuster hit is good news for kick-ass heroines to follow.

Exercise Craze CrossFit Is Not the Problem, Obesity Is

By Eva M. Selhub, The Huffington Post

People who criticize the CrossFit are misinformed about its benefits.

Are Deadly Bomb Trains Rolling Through Your Neighborhood? Check the Interactive Map

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

A shocking report and map captures the alarming scope of this very recent development.

Comedian Mindy Kaling Takes Jabs at Harvard Law Students at Commencement Speech: 'You'll Defend BP from Birds'

By Natasha Hakimi Zapata, Truthdig

"Try to do some good rather than helping millionaires fight narcotics and fraud charges," Kaling told her audience.

'My First Time on LSD': 10 Trippy Tales

By Tony O'Neill,

10 current and former users recall their voyages into the unknown.

Black Children as Young as Kindergarteners Are Getting Hand-Cuffed and Arrested Across the US: This Is Human Rights Abuse

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report

Two recent cases involving the New York City police department show the perils black people face even in childhood.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Coconut Oil Is Not a Safe Alternative to Sunscreen! 5 Popular Consumer Product Myths Debunked

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

The bad consumer advice you get on the internet can be divisive, costly, and even unsafe.

Republicans Have It Backwards When It Comes to Science

By CJ Werleman, AlterNet

Climate change, alongside income inequality, rates as the greatest challenge of our time.

The NRA's Constitutional Fraud: The Truth Behind the "Right to Bear Arms"

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

The idea that every nut-job has the right to unlimited guns is a total sham.

5 Ways Massive Inequality Is Paralyzing American Society

By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet

Progressive thinkers can't afford to disagree among ourselves as paralysis sets in.

Nine Chilling Things About Elliot Rodger Revealed in Today's Times Piece

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Lots of warning signs, and parents who did not know what to do.

Our Best Hope for Fighting Male Rage—Why #YesAll Women Matters

By Rebecca Solnit, TomDispatch

All across America, women are defining the discussion of misogyny.

Paul Krugman Takes On Inequality Deniers and Piketty's Critics

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Columnist lays bare the real motivation for denying the obvious economic reality.

Scout Willis: This Is All I Have to Say About Walking Topless in NY Last Week

By Scout Willis, xojane

I was given a platform, and I'm using it to make a point about body politics.

Amazon's Scorched-Earth Campaign: Why the Internet Giant Started a War

By Andrew Leonard,

Can't buy books by Colbert and Gladwell? Customers and publishers are livid. But it turns out Amazon doesn't care.

Dangerous Pesticides Showing Up More and More In Our Urine and Breast Milk

By Margot Ford McMillen, Progressive Populist

Farmers and consumers have been guinea pigs in a Big Ag experiment.

How Traditional Parenting Is Harming Children ... And Benefiting Conservative Ideology

By Alfie Kohn, Da Capo Press

Pushing our children to have self-discipline is ruining their self esteem, while maintaining the status quo.

Activist Organization Launches Fake 'Gap Does More' Campaign to Challenge the Company's Labor Practices

By Isabelle Nastasia, Waging Nonviolence

Gap had to embarrassingly announce that the campaign was a fraud.

The Age of Climate Warfare Is Here and the Military Industrial Complex Is Gearing Up For It

By Nafeez Ahmed, The Guardian

The very companies most responsible for climate change are set to make a killing from it.

Science Says There's No Such Thing As 'Comfort Food'. We All Beg to Differ

By Emma Brockes, The Guardian

Whatever the research says, most of us know that happiness is a sloppy food.

Why Prosecuting Snowden Is Unfair -- Until NSA Answers for Misconduct

By Joe Conason, AlterNet

The former NSA contractor points out a double standard involving the spy agency that would raise hard questions about any indictment issued against him

7 Things I Wish I Knew at 18

By Tywan Wade, Huffington Post

"Staying true to yourself is the best advice anyone can ever give you."

151 Days of Blackouts

By May Wilkerson,

Where did all the time I lost from drinking go? All I can retrieve is my friends' stories—and a mangled Ikea lamp.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

8 Outrageous Right-Wing Statements This Week: Defending Gun Rights for Psychopaths Edition

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

'Your dead kids don’t trump my right to have a gun.'

4 Ways America Is Hostile Toward Mothers

By Erika L. Sanchez, AlterNet

Criminalization of pregnancy and unpaid maternity leave are some of the obstacles mothers face in the U.S.

40 Year Careers: 11 Artists Who Are Still Great After Four Decades

By Noah Berlatsky,

The Stones might not have aged so well, but these artists are champions of the multi-decade career.

The Money Behind the Gun Madness

By Michael Winship, Moyers & Company

It's pure greed that's funding our disastrous gun culture.

America’s Middle-Class Defeat: How Canada Shamed the Wealthiest Nation on Earth

By Edward McClelland,

Want to understand what's causing the decay of the American dream? Take some lessons from our friends to the north.

If You Thought Oligarchy and Aristocracy Were Bad, You'll Really Hate Kochocracy

By Will Durst, AlterNet

The lords of a vast oil empire are buying up our entire democracy with a fraction of their fortune.

9 Ways Hillary Clinton’s New Book Shows How Silly the GOP’s Benghazi Crusade Really Is

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

No wonder the Republicans are scared of her running for president.

Should a Mental Illness Mean You Lose Your Kid?

By Seth Freed Wessler, Pro Publica

Mindi has never harmed her daughter and is capably raising a son, but authorities took her daughter under a concept sometimes called “predictive neglect.”

Why Hookah Smoking Is a Health Risk, Even for Just One Night

By April M. Short, AlterNet

A new study turned up alarming results after one night of traditional hookah use.

The Mainstream Media's Top 3 Biggest Blunders This Week

By Peter Hart, FAIR

Corporate media misses the history of Obama's Afghan war, while CNN's climate expert is...Ann Coulter?

How Wealthy Elites Are Hijacking Democracy All Over the World

By Sonali Kolhatkar, Truthdig

Amid the upheavals in Thailand, Ukraine and Egypt, wealthy elites have used popular movements and elections to ratify decisions in their favor.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Side Effect of America's Growing Obsession with Greek Yogurt

By Jill Richardson, AlterNet

These days, Greek yogurt is hugely popular. But it also poses a problem: what to do with that leftover whey?

Why the Oil Industry is Running Into Major Trouble

By Joe Costello, AlterNet

The era of cheap oil is over now, while new oil is going to be less plentiful and more expensive.

Tori Amos: 'Menopause Is a Pain in the Ass'

By Stephen Deusner,

The iconic musician on her new album being inspired by fears of middle age.

Why Billy Graham's Son, Franklin Graham, Is the Next Worst Thing to Happen to God

By Derek Penwell, The Huffington Post

The evangelist told a group of pastors that God hates cowards who don't voice opposition to abortion and homosexuality.

If You Thought Oligarchy and Aristocracy Were Bad, You'll Really Hate Kochocracy

By Will Durst, AlterNet

The lords of a vast oil empire are buying up our entire democracy with a fraction of their fortune.

Moyers: 10 Disgustingly Rich Companies That Will Do Anything To Avoid Paying Taxes

By Bill Moyers, Bill Moyers

Fed Ex, Citigroup and Microsoft are among the big companies named in an Americans for Tax Fairness study.

Inside the U.S. House's Historic Vote on Medical Marijuana

By April M. Short, AlterNet

An amendment that would prohibit the Fed from interfering in state medical pot laws is still up in the air.

How Amazon Is Killing My Sex Life

By Tricia Romano, Salon

The tech boom in Seattle is bringing in droves of successful, straight single guys -- all of them insufferable.

For the People Who Hate Waking Up

By Mark Goulston, AlterNet

I'm envious of morning people, too. But here's my new secret to getting out of bed.

Exposing the Flaws of the U.S. Media's Dangerous Ukraine Propaganda

By Eric Zuesse, AlterNet

The press has taken a near-sighted view of the crisis, spinning in ways that only create a partial picture.

Why Is Ezra Klein's Vox Parroting Right-Wing Talking Points About Privatizing the TSA?

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

Questionable behavior at a supposedly "objective" media outlet.

"The Rape Was Bad, But Being Denied Justice Was Also Horrible"

By Anne K. Ream, Beacon Press

Beth Adubato shares her story of having years taken from her life after being raped on campus.

5 Things to Never Say to a Woman Who Doesn't Want Kids

By Erin Tatum, Everyday Feminism

Kids, fertility, and women’s decisions and attitudes about family are predictably the subject of much anxiety in our society.

"Walmart Moms" Plan Nationwide Strikes Ahead of Corporation's Shareholders Meeting

By Karen McVeigh, The Guardian

Walmart claims to be a family-oriented company, but its behavior is quite the opposite.