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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Terror in Charlottesville: Car Rams into Anti-Racist Protesters at White Supremacist Rally

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

One dead, multiple injured after car plows into crowd protesting racist rally in Virginia.

Bush-Era Ethics Czar Says Trump’s Far-Right Staffers Are to Blame for Charlottesville Riot: 'I Will Not Support Fascism'

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

“We have never ever seen rhetoric similar to what has come out of this White House."

Paul Krugman Says U.S. Held Hostage by 'Axis of Climate Evil'

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Bad actors control U.S. climate policy and may destroy the planet before they can be stopped.

Leading Progressive Dem. Congressman: War With North Korea Is Grounds for Impeachment

By Ken Klippenstein, AlterNet

There are no good military options.

Watch: Rachel Maddow Digs into Trump's Shady Financial Past

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Remember that time in the 1980s when Trump short-changed New York City by $2.8 million? Rachel does.

Disturbing Trend: Bad Cops Getting Rehired Back into Law Enforcement

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Under Trump and Sessions, the problem is guaranteed to get worse.

WATCH: Colbert Mocks Trump's Needy Demand for Folders Full of ‘F**king Positive News’ About Himself Twice a Day

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

“Positive news about Trump twice a day? Man, he should really share that with the rest of the world.”

WATCH: White Supremacists March with Torches Chanting Hate Against Jews and People of Color in Virginia

By Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times

"A cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance."

Let's Fight the Alt-Right, But Let's Be Smart About How We Do It

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Direct confrontation with alt-right goons is a bad idea.

War Crimes: Saudi Arabia Should Pay the Penalty for Catastrophe in Yemen

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

Yemen is at the brink of cholera and famine driven mass death.

Watch: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Thinks Marijuana Should Be Legal

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

While the astrophysicist prefers reality to altered states, he doesn't believe pot should be illegal.

Republicans Rush to Monsanto's Aid Touting Industry-Biased Reuters Report

By Stacy Malkan, AlterNet

Flawed reporting has emerged as a key lobbying tool for the embattled agrichemical company.

How the Justice System Crushes People Who Can't Afford Bail

By Mehak Anwar, Brave New Films

In many cases, defendants who cannot afford to pay bail will be pressured into taking plea deals.

Blowing up the Myth of the 'Political Center' in America

By Gaius Publius, Down With Tyranny!

The radical independents are here to stay.

The Untold Stories of Women in the 1967 Detroit Rebellion and Its Aftermath

By Lisa Biggs, The Conversation

Where were the women in the movie "Detroit"?

NAACP Issues First-Ever Travel Advisory for a State: Missouri

By Ian Cummings, Kansas City Star

It was in response to longtime racial disparities in traffic enforcement and multiple incidents examples of harm to minority residents and visitors.

Friday, August 11, 2017

5 Escape Hatches Republicans May End Up Using to Avoid an Imploding Presidency

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

It's a very hard thing for a political party to abandon an elected president, but they may end up doing it.

Trump's Favorite Media Outlets Are Melting Down Over News Paul Manafort's Home Was Raided

By Katherine Hess , Media Matters

Breitbart and company are working overtime to distance the president from his former campaign manager.

Seth Meyers Knows How You Can Tell When Trump Is Scared

By Noor Al-Sibai, Raw Story

The "Late Night" host mocks the president's "self-hug."

This Country Is Rigged in 1,000 Directions to Protect the Wealthiest—Including the Idea That Most People 'Earned' Their Way to the Top

By Donald Jeffries, Skyhorse Publishing

Unprecedented wealth disparity in America is driven by corrupt corporate practices and the myth of earned wealth.

8 Ways Leading European Officials Perceive America's Big Embarrassment in the Oval Office

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Trump seems to think the world started when he took office.

Trump Will Be the End of the GOP, and It Will Happen Sooner Than You Think

By Michael Winship,

The president is already abandoning the political party that propelled him to the White House.

Emmanuel Macron's Sudden Collapse: French 'Radical Centrist' Now as Unpopular as Trump

By Conor Lynch, Salon

Three months after his huge win, the French neoliberal darling has seen his popularity crumble. It's no surprise.

What Can We Learn from 1967's Summer of Love to Help Us Through Our Current Political Nightmare?

By Don Hazen, Danny Goldberg, AlterNet

Danny Goldberg discusses his new book about a magical and often misunderstood era in U.S. history.

Indian Diplomat Offers a Brutal Assessment of Ivanka Trump That Rings All Too True

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

"We regard Ivanka Trump the way we do half-wit Saudi princes."

Stephen Colbert Speaks for the Planet After Trump's Demented North Korea Threats

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

"I do not want the Earth to blow up. That's where my house is."

The Media's Absurd John Kelly Narrative Has Already Been Blown to Smithereens

By Laura Clawson, DailyKos

Wasn't the new White House chief of staff supposed to rein in Trump?

Pundits Slam Trump’s Biblical Language on North Korea, But Praise His Defense Secretary’s Genocidal Threats

By Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

James Mattis has threatened North Korea with the "destruction of its people.”

Even a 'Minor' Nuclear War Would Be an Ecological Disaster Felt Throughout the World

By David McCoy, The Conversation

This kind of warfare can pose an existential threat to humanity.

We're Supposed to Be a Democracy, But Half the GOP Is OK with Postponing 2020's Election

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

A party full of delusions exposes the dark underbelly of America.

It Took Just One Distorted Study for the Media to Freak Out Over Health Risks and Marijuana

By Paul Armentano, AlterNet

Fear spreads far too easily when it comes to cannabis.

No One Wants to Become a Teacher in Betsy DeVos' Home State

By Nancy Derringer, Bridge

The number of college students who want to become teachers plummets in Michigan.

Appalachians Are Harder Hit by Poverty Than All Other Americans—So Why Does Trump Want to Make Their Lives Worse?

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

Infant mortality rates are rising, while life expectancies are plummeting.

Have Trump's Newest Threats Put Us on a Collision Course with Nuclear War?

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The president says his "fire and fury" rhetoric may not have been tough enough.

Schools Are Humiliating Kids Who Don't Have Lunch Money as a Cruel Lesson in Social Class

By Alissa Quart, The Guardian

Isn't there a better way to teach kids about inequality?

Hightower: Wall Street Is Pulling a Big-Time Car Loan Scam on Thousands of Americans

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet

The "new way" is the same old story of the rich robbing the rest of us.

Saudis Are Killing Their Own People, With Help From the U.S. and Canada

By Brienne Kordis, AlterNet

To stop the tragedy, you have to stop the weapons sales.

As a Military Officer, I Know We Need Patriots—Not Nationalists—To Save Us From America's Murderous Path

By William Astore, The Huffington Post

The ability to discern patriotism from nationalism is vital in our current landscape.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Have Trump's Newest Threats Put Us on a Collision Course with Nuclear War?

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The president says his "fire and fury" rhetoric may not have been tough enough.

Thomas Frank: Democrats Just Might Have Figured Out How to Save Their Failing Party

By Thomas Frank, The Guardian

An aggressive new proposal to bust the country's monopolies could prove hugely popular.

More Than Half of Republicans Would Support Postponing the 2020 Election: Poll

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

A whopping 86 percent believe millions of immigrants voted illegally in 2016.

CNN Axes Trump Booster Jeffrey Lord Over Nazi Salute Tweet

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The right-wing commentator had been arguing with a reporter from Media Matters.

Twice as Many Americans View North Korea as a Critical Threat Than Can Find It on a Map

By Adam Johnson, AlterNet

Media coverage has created a massive gap between our desire to attack North Korea and our understanding of the crisis.

Outrage Over Trump Turned a Red-State Republican Into a Resistance Leader

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Beverly Tuberville says Indivisible Oklahoma faces an uphill battle—but it's one worth fighting.

Seth Meyers Goes Nuclear on Trump Following His Deranged Threats on North Korea

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The "Late Night" host calls the president a "human bullhorn" who is unfit for office.

The Largest Fascist Rally in Recent Memory Is Expected This Week—It Must Be Challenged

By Spencer Sunshine, Truthout

In the face of an aggressive racist movement, silence is consent.

The Toxic Ideology at the Heart of Evangelicals' Alliance with the Republican Party

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

New research indicates both groups share a similar contempt for the poor.

I Grew Up in Health Secretary Tom Price’s District—The Sex Ed He Promotes Is Dangerous

By Anusha Ravi, AlterNet

Health Secretary Tom Price has been an enthusiastic advocate for restricting women's choices—including not teaching them that they have any.

Paul Manafort Blew the Whistle on Don Jr.'s Secret Russia Meeting: Report

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

FBI agents raided the former campaign chairman's home late last month.

Trump's North Korea Statements Are a Disaster for the World—But Probably Good for His Hardcore Supporters

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Trump's voters want him to be strong, even when he's wrong.

Nurses: Paul Krugman Offers 'Shallow Political Advice' When It Comes to Health Care

By Michael Lighty, AlterNet

Only with Medicare-for-all can we achieve health security.

Catholic Priest Has the Perfect Response to Pastor Touting Trump's Biblical Right to Nuke North Korea

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

"[It's] unthinkable to consider a political ruler some sort of anointed Christian prince."

Our Immigration System Doesn't Care if You're a Traumatized Vet—You'll Be Deported Anyway

By J. Malcolm Garcia, Hot Books

No mercy from ICE for veterans with PTSD.

Tom Price Threw Out the First Pitch at a Nationals Game—Then Came the Boos

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The Health and Human Services secretary got an earful from the Washington crowd Wednesday.

The Rich Have Mostly Stopped Smoking Cigarettes—So They Are Mainly Killing Stressed-Out Poor and Working-Class People

By Anna Sanford, AlterNet

Cigarettes have caused a health epidemic that disproportionately affects the rural poor.

How Companies Like PepsiCo and McDonald’s Are Pushing Indonesia's Endangered Elephants to Extinction

By Emma Rae Lierley, AlterNet

A new investigation links some of the biggest brands in the world to the conflict palm oil supply chain.

Workers Need Better Trade Deals, Not More Talk

By Leo W. Gerard , AlterNet

Offshoring has padded corporate profits while suppressing wages in the U.S. and abroad.

President Trump Is Now Trying to Suck up to Robert Mueller

By Angelo Young, Salon

Trump has sent private messages of "appreciation" to special counsel Mueller.

In God We Trust: Why Americans Won't Vote for an Atheist President

By Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

As a new study shows, people think the worst of non-believers. What does this mean for US voters?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana in a Society Where It Is Increasingly Legal

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

Have you had the cannabis conversation with your kids?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trump's North Korea Threats Make for a 'Very Dangerous Moment'

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Two megalomaniacal leaders with nuclear arsenals at their disposal. What could go wrong?

He Ruins Everything: Trump Is Having a Negative Effect on the Workplace

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

A study finds the president's toxicity trickles down to office life.

Is the Trump Presidency the Very Definition of Madness?

By Andrew Bacevich, TomDispatch

The upheaval provoked by Trump's election has no precedent in U.S. history.

5 Disturbing Revelations Upon Closer Inspection of Trump's Twitter Feed

By Nina Mast, Media Matters

He quotes white supremacists and bots.

Trump Is So Needy He Has Staff Prepare a Special Folder for Him Twice a Day

By Hunter, DailyKos

A new report reveals White House officials treat the president like a spoiled toddler.

My Grandmother Is a Drug Addict—and I Blame Big Pharma

By Joshua Wilkey, This Appalachian Life

As Appalachia slowly rots from the inside, drug company execs and shareholders are making billions.

5 Major Takeaways from the FBI's Raid on Paul Manafort's Home

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

The latest development in the Russia probe have reportedly spooked Trump and his allies.

Fake News Isn't Going Anywhere: It's Hugely Profitable—and Right-Wingers Love It

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Fake news: Conservatives love to share it, liberals love to hate it and social media companies rake in the cash.

When Jared Kushner Got So Frazzled He Tried to Have a Reporter's Recording Deleted

By Noor Al-Sibai, Raw Story

The president's son-in-law once sent a secret service agent to intimidate New York Magazine's Olivia Nuzzi.

Wall Street Journal Openly Calls on Trump to Ax Steve Bannon

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

Editorial board accuses strategist of coordinating a series of attacks on H.R. McMaster.

Al Gore Predicts Trump May Not Be Long for the White House

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

"Some experiments are ended early for ethical reasons."

See If You Can Tell the Difference Between Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

By Julian Borger, The Guardian

Analysts believe the president's wild threats could backfire spectacularly.

Stephen Miller Surfaces on Fox News to Peddle His Most Ludicrous Trump Propaganda to Date

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

According to his senior policy adviser, the president is the "most gifted politician of our time."

From Helping Farmers to Saving Wildlife, Here Are 7 Ways Drones Are Being Used for Good

By Jeffrey Ulrich, AlterNet

First employed as a tool of war, drones are getting an eco-friendly makeover.

Nissan Union Loss Underscores Labor’s Big Dilemma

By Justin Miller, The American Prospect

The United Auto Workers’ failed union drive at a Mississippi car plant points to core challenges for a labor movement working within a rigged system.

How a Free Syrian Army Unit Uncovered the Rebels’ Israeli Connection and Switched Sides

By Rania Khalek, AlterNet

Before the Golan Brigade was targeted for destruction by Israel and Al Qaeda, it was allied with them.

Are You Tired of Banks, Credit Cards, and Debt? Consider a System of Trading Time Instead of Money

By Valerie Vande Panne, AlterNet

Hour by hour, time banking is creating healthier communities.

Global Warming Is Fueling Arizona's Monstrous Monsoons

By Bobby Magill, Climate Central

Extreme storms threaten the region with more severe floods and giant dust storms.

Watch Video: Brave New Films Highlights Trump’s Inhumane and Needless Deportation Policy

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

A family man, businessman and community pillar sent back to Mexico from Hawaii.

The Richest Men and Women in America, State by State

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

A new Forbes study confirms our worst suspicions about American income inequality.

Google Employee's Viral Anti-Diversity Manifesto Confirms Your Worst Fears About Tech-Bro Culture

By Angelo Young, Salon

The employee posited that there were biological reasons that women weren't as prominent in the tech industry.

Applying Socrates to Politics: 'To Attain the True Life We Have to Struggle Against Prejudices'

By Alain Badiou, Polity Press

Alain Badiou explores the relationship between political power and philosophy in his new book, "The True Life."

Secrecy and Suspicion Surround Trump’s Deregulation Teams

By Robert Faturechi, Danielle Ivory, ProPublica

ProPublica and The New York Times identify more possible conflicts of interest among appointees, as Democrats in Congress demand greater transparency from the White House.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Trump Proves He's as Dangerous as Kim Jong-un with Threat to Unleash 'Fire and Fury' on North Korea

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Will the Pentagon obey its commander-in-chief if he launches a war of choice?

Trump Just Helped Prove How Fake His Twitter Following Is

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

This is what happens when your biggest fans are bots.

Is Trump About to Push Us into War with Iran?

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

Trump is making subtle moves to dissolve the Iran deal.

Robert Reich: American Democracy Is Proving Surprisingly Resilient Under Trump

By Robert Reich,

As disastrous as his presidency has been, our institutions have largely remained intact.

New Polling Data Find Trump's Approval Rating Is the Lowest We've Seen Yet

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

No president in modern American history has seen his numbers drop this precipitously.

GOP's Newest Line of Attack Shows Just How Desperate the Party Is Growing

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

Republicans promised real accomplishments under Trump. All they have left is propaganda.

'Chicken Hawk Piece of Trash': Vets Unload on Trump for Attacking Dem Senator's Military Record

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

Meanwhile Trump avoided the Vietnam War with four draft deferments.

The Secret Book That Determines Just How Much a Hospital Will Rip You Off

By Jenny Pierson, AlterNet

A comedian exposes one of the health care industry's longest-running scams.

Donald Trump Told a Demonstrably False Story About a Manhattan Nightclub During a Meeting on Afghanistan

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The former owner of Club 21 says the president has "a psychological problem only a therapist can define."

Keith Olbermann Cleverly Uses Fox Host's Own Words to Make the Case for Trump's Impeachment

By Noor Al-Sibai, Raw Story

“We cannot have a country run by a president subject to ongoing criminal investigations."

Conservatives Are Increasingly Fed Up with Trump, and They're Growing Louder Every Week

By Guardian Staff, The Guardian

Senator Jeff Flake is just the latest prominent Republican to denounce the president.

Russian Bots Are Descending Upon the Republican Party

By Chris Riotta, Newsweek

Major targets include National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Despite Trump's Unpopularity, Democrats Face Long Road Back Into Power

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

There are a handful of hopeful signs for 2018, but the GOP's grip is deep and vast.

The Three Powerful Generals Surrounding Trump: What Does It Mean for His Presidency and the Country?

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Trump’s militarized presidency could have perilous consequences.

Why Are So Many Pot Shops in Poor Neighborhoods?

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

It's not a plot to keep the people down.

Billionaire Backer Peter Thiel Admits in Private That Trump Administration Is 'Incompetent': Report

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

"There is a 50 percent chance this whole thing ends in disaster."

AFT Teachers Union Chief Randi Weingarten Says Trump Leads 'Most Anti-Public-Education' Administration Ever

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Head of 1.6 million-member union on the Trump right's "double whammy": they hate public education and hate labor.

Babies Are Losing Sleep—And Touch Screens Are to Blame

By Anna Sanford, AlterNet

A new study reveals that the rampant use of media devices is preventing babies from getting their necessary shuteye.

The Trump Administration Is Trying to Take Away the Rights of Millions of Americans to Get Paid for Their Overtime

By Heidi Shierholz , Economic Policy Institute

President Trump uses workers as props for photo-ops, but always sides with CEOs.

Mano a Mano: Schwarzenegger Unveils 'Blueprint' to Challenge Trump on Climate

By Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

The former California governor helped launch the Environmental Digital Legislative Handbook to help lawmakers counter Trump's anti-climate policies.

The Supreme Court Made It Harder for States to Ban Sex Offenders From Social Media—Here's Why

By Melissa Hamilton, The Conversation

The Supreme Court has previously accepted state legislative findings that vulnerable children need to be protected from dangerous sex offenders. As a result, the high court has typically upheld sex offender-based laws.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Trump’s Malignant Pattern: He Woos People, Rips Them off and Then Abandons Them—and He Won’t Stop

By Paul Rosenberg, Salon

Trump has followed the same manipulative script over and over again, in politics as in business.

Rampant White Supremacy at the White House As Trump Tries to Distract His Base

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Trump's overt racism isn't aimed at liberals—it's about distracting his base away from the Russia scandal.

Trump's Main Business—Golf—Is the Symbol of All That Is Retrograde and Exclusionary in American Life

By Robert Lipsyte, TomDispatch

For successful greedheads and their wannabes, golf is the most sacred of sports.

Charles Blow: Trump May Be the Single Biggest Whiner in America

By Julia Flasphaler, AlterNet

The president is "unceasingly pained, injured, aggrieved," much like his base of voters.

John Oliver Nails One of the Trump Administration's Most Notorious Villains

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

The "Last Week Tonight" host calls Stephen Miller "one of the most revolting humans" he's ever seen.

Paul Krugman: How to Fix Our Health Care Mess

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

"Idealists need to set priorities, and Medicare-for-all shouldn’t be at the top of the list.”

GOP Pollster Finds Trump Support Diving to 'Dangerously Low Territory' as His Base Begins to Crumble

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

The president insists Republicans are uniting. The numbers tell a different story.

Why Trump's Big Boasts About the Economy Are Bound to Backfire

By Bob Cesca, Salon

The president wants credit for a soaring stock market. What happens when it crashes?

Senate Republicans Are Growing Exhausted and Ornery About Their Party's Inability to Govern

By Joan McCarter, DailyKos

The Trump administration is still yet to pass a significant piece of legislation.

The Essentials: 11 Steps States Could Take to Rein In Healthcare Costs While Building Toward Single-Payer Universal Coverage

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The biggest cost drivers are drug prices and the medical billing industrial complex.

Anti-Vaxxer Dog Owners Are Now Putting Their—and Your—Pets' Health at Risk

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The anti-science crowd has infected a whole new community.

GOP Strategist Explains Why Pence Is Destined to Betray Trump

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

"His denial is a confession of guilt."

DPA Study: New York City Remains the World's Marijuana Arrest Capital, and It's Still Mainly Black and Brown People Getting Popped

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

In a bid to defend thousands of racially biased pot arrests, de Blasio attacks drug reformers.

The Cronies Behind the Energy Industry's Deliberate Misinformation Campaigns

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dick Russell, Hot Books

Authors Dick Russell and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expose the energy moguls covering up catastrophic climate change for their own gain.

Trump’s Immigration Ploy Is to Pit Black and Brown Workers Against Each Other

By Isiah J. Poole, Campaign for America's Future

The overwhelming majority of African Americans don’t want Trump's faux paternalism at the expense of their immigrant brothers and sisters.

'An Inconvenient Sequel' Conveniently Leaves Out One Big Truth

By Rachel Krantz, AlterNet

It's our diets, stupid.

Why the NAACP Said 'Enough' to School Privatization

By Rann Miller, AlterNet

School privatization has allowed public officials to wash their hands of the obligation to educate children of color, especially the poor.

Doctor Murdered for NOT Prescribing Opioids

By Victoria Kim, The Fix

The doctor was shot in a hospital parking lot by the enraged spouse of a chronic pain patient.

Here’s How Trump Transferred Wealth to His Son While Avoiding the Usual Taxes

By Derek Kravitz, Cezary Podkul, Will Parker , ProPublica

Donald Trump sold two condos to Eric in April 2016 at a steep discount. But he doesn’t appear to be on the hook for gift taxes.

Americans Might Be Having Less Sex Due to ‘Helicopter Parenting’: Study

By Shreesha Ghosh, International Business Times

Why are American adults having less sex compared to what they were having around 20 years ago?

Reflections on the 'Dangerous Delusions of Richard Dawkins'

By Jeremy Lent, AlterNet

An AlterNet article stirs up a hornet’s nest of controversy.

What Happens If You Smoke Cannabis For A Year to Relieve Chronic Pain

By Brea Mosley, The Fresh Toast

Hint: It’s safe and effective

Thousands of Students Were Defrauded by For-Profit Colleges—DeVos Hasn't Provided Debt Relief to a Single One

By Brett Robertson , Media Matters

DeVos hasn’t approved any applications for debt relief from defrauded students. Media reports reveal the human cost.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Anti-Vaxxer Dog Owners Are Now Putting Their—and Your—Pets' Health at Risk

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The anti-science crowd has infected a whole new community.

Blowing Up the Big Marijuana IQ Myth—The Science Points to Zero Effect on Your Smarts

By Paul Armentano, AlterNet

Debunking one of the oldest theories about cannabis.

The President Is the Nation: The Central Metaphor Trump Lives By

By George Lakoff, AlterNet

We act according to the metaphors.

Ex-FBI Agent Insider Warns the Mueller Investigation Is Shifting into High Gear

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

"Stay tuned. There's more coming."

Why Trump and Evangelical Christians Are Peas in a Pod

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Evangelicals have been eager to look past Trump's vulgarity and immorality—there are deeper things that bind them.

Trump Has Taken More Vacation Days in 7 Months Than Obama Did During His Entire Presidency

By Joe Difazio, International Business Times

Apparently, when a Republican president goes on vacation the right has nothing to say.

What People Hate, Organized by State

By Anna Sanford, AlterNet

Each state is different, even in its dislikes.

White House as Crime Scene: How Robert Mueller Is Closing In on Trump

By Julian Borger, The Guardian

On Russia, the president can feel the net closing.

Anti-Semitic Trolls Encouraged by the White House Are Attacking McMaster, Says Republican Advisor Rick Wilson

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

General Kelly is on the job, but the wars in the White House continue.

There's a Pernicious Economic Theory Creeping into the Heart of the Democratic Party

By Richard Eskow, Campaign for America's Future

We have to get very clear on what kind of environment enriches working people. The good ideas don't come from Silicon Valley.

How the Demise of the Trump Administration Could Finally Kill the White House CEO Fantasy

By Sophia A. McClennen, Salon

The belief that businessmen are better equipped to run the country is why our nation is poised for catastrophe.

World's Leading Hackers Explain Why You Don't Want Huge Tech Companies Controlling Everything in Your House

By Lulu Friesdat, AlterNet

The internet of things is a way to extract wealth from your every day life.

Joy Reid Obliterates the Arguments of the Lawyer Who Said the Diversity of Trump's Grand Jury Is Unfair to Trump

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz was accused of being a “race-baiter” on MSNBC.

Could Going Vegan Become Your Path to Happiness?

By Kristie Middleton, Da Capo Press

The key is finding what’s right for you.

Gratuitously Cruel: GOP Planning to Make It Harder for Poor Families to Have Cheap Phone and Internet Access

By Walter Einenkel, DailyKos

They'd rather have poor Americans fall off the grid entirely.